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Bear Grylls is building an adventure park in Birmingham

I’m a student, I can survive anything

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Drinking your own urine on entry? Fighting a coyote? Being put into an ice chamber of -20C? An adventure attraction from hell? Or a thrill-seekers and survivalist's adrenaline rush?

The NEC has annouced the launch of 'A Bear Grylls Adventure' that will open in 2018.

The massive attraction offers a variety of challenges, including Dive, Climb, iFLY (indoor skydiving) and the tallest free-roam high ropes in Europe.

Alternatively, you can get down to Basecamp and learn the skills needed for any adventure by competing in a range of challenges.

Not only does this attraction challenge your body but also your mind. There is a focus on conquering fears of small spaces, the dark and heights.

Bear Grylls stated: "I have been so lucky to experience some of the toughest environments and challenges the world has to offer.

"When your greatest fears are laid bare, you have to keep your nerve and dig deep. That ‘never give up spirit’ is what I hope to inspire in as many people as possible through this huge endeavour.

"The scale of challenges that can be found at Bear Grylls Adventure are truly mind blowing and it allows millions of others to find the courage and tenacity to conquer their own Everest."

House bonding trip, anyone?