We all know gym clothing is the only appropriate uni attire, there’s no question about it

Because who has time for anything else?

| UPDATED Birmingham Uni gym student UoB

Picture this: you've woken up 10 minutes before your 9am, you stick your greasy hair in a messy bun, and grab the decaying banana from your kitchen counter as you speed walk towards the lecture and pray you won't have to sit at the front.

What have you thrown on that morning? It's the worlds easiest outfit, gym clothes. The only outfit that can give you that 'I've got my shit together' look even though you've just rolled out of bed. Why, my friends, are they the only appropriate clothing? Well, here is a definitive list:

They're bloody comfortable

Designed for people who actually want to exercise, and therefore cannot be restricted by anything like corsets or the need for a belt, clothes for the gym are comfortable because the people who really should be wearing them actually need to move.

Looking good, but feeling comfy

You look like you've got your life together

Lets face it, those people who gym, they've got their life sorted. Even if they're not the type to wake up at six every morning and batch bake on a Sunday when they've somehow avoided the post sesh head banger despite downing the dirty pint, they're definitely going places. Wearing gym clothes gives you an air of knowing where you're going and how you're getting there, and keeping up appearances is really the only thing that matters in this internet age.

You're always in practical shoes, just in case

How many times have your parents told you to put sensible shoes on? Call them. Tell them uni has changed you. You're a new you. You now wear comfortable shoes everyday. They don't need to know it's because you're too lazy to put any real effort in.

Practical, yet stylish

There are so many choices of what pattern to wear

God there are so many. Plain or flowery. Abstract lines or squares. Black with white stripes, white with black stripes. Gym clothes help you express yourself like no other item of clothing can. There's even a massive colour range; black, grey, blue, green, orange, neon pink. The possibilities are endless.

Groovy baby

They offer great road safety

For reasons unbeknownst to me, all gym clothes seem to have a reflector strip down the side. This gives you peace of mind, knowing cars can see you when crossing the dangerous road home at night. Even if you aren't blessed with reflective active wear that ensures your road safety, chances are your outfit will be so jazzy that you'll be seen anyway.

It all dries so quickly that you'll never be waiting for a tumble dryer

Does anyone really have the money for a tumble dry? Living in halls? The prices are extortionate. Living out? Even worse, those energy bills will keep growing and growing as the winter months draw in. But with gym clothes, there's no worries, hang them up for an hour after washing, jobs a gud 'un.

This will never be you again

No ironing is necessary, which means no annoying burn marks

Following on, not only do they not need drying but they don't need ironing either. What more could you ask for? Literally biggest low effort clothing around.

The gym vibe allows you to pass off being too lazy to shower as being super active and straight from the gym

Finally, and possibly the most important of all, if you haven't had time to shower, you can crack on that you've just been to the gym. Instead of everyone judging you for being the smelly, greasy one in the corner, they'll look at you with admiration. They'll wish they could be as committed as you are. No one has to know it's all a facade.