All the reasons why you should be a pescetarian at university

Nothing fishy about it

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Pescetarianism is the practice of following a diet that includes fish or other seafood, but not any other meat. In essence, you are basically a vegetarian who eats fish. So why do people become pescetarians? Personally, I became a pescetarian eight years ago because being a vegetarian simply wasn’t providing me with enough protein or food options. I would go out with friends to restaurants and only really have the pick of three or four items on the menu, and I wanted more.

So what can pescetarianism do for you? Allow me to inform you of three key reasons why pescetarianism can be beneficial to your lifestyle.

Its great for your health

Pescetarianism is the healthiest diet around. A pescetarian diet is said to reduce your risk for heart disease, reduce the risk of having brittle bones and also reduce chances of osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, arthritis and high blood pressure. All the iron you need comes from eating fish alongside fruits and vegetables, and all the protein you need comes from eating seafood. Protein is essential for the proper growth and function of the human body and its been argued that not getting enough protein can impair the function of the human body and cause strain to your liver (not ideal on top of the student life binge drinking!)

gimme all the fishy

Its better for the environment

I get asked all the time why I think eating a fish is better than eating a cow or a pig or a chicken. The answer is that mammalian and poultry farming produces a large amount of CO2 and pollution, more so than fishing. This means that being a pescetarian is better for the environment. Fish is also seen to have less awareness than mammals and poultry and whilst these points are debatable, it is undeniable that catching an animal in its natural habitat is better than killing an encaged, beaten animal with a low quality of life.

Salmon on cucumber and avocado guacomole = a very happy pescetarian

It can be used as a transition into veganism or vegetarianism.

Some people become pescetarian because they want to eventually become vegetarian or a vegan. Being a pescetarian is the perfect transition phase so that you can adapt your diet slowly and healthily. The transition from eating red meat to complete veganism can sometimes be dangerous and makes it harder to sustain your diet, so pescetarianism is the perfect middle point.


Some other health benefits

Being a pescetarian has changed my life. I feel healthier, less tired and I can now go out to eat with numerous options on the menu. The benefits of a pescetarian diet are undeniable and it provides a more realistic transition for those wishing to become vegetarian or vegan. Why not give it a go? I dare you.