Faye White

Faye White
Birmingham University


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Blonde announced as Grad Ball headliners

They’ve had three top ten hits

Brum student’s tweet about Beyonce’s Met Gala dress goes viral

Maybe Beyonce’s dress was made of Becky’s skin…

Business School accidentally release dissertation grades a month early

They were not supposed to come out until June

Final year student petitions for Taylor Swift to play at Grad Ball

Her tickets to Taylor’s concert were stolen in an online scam

I didn’t recognise the signs of relationship abuse

He told me what to wear, who to be friends with and read my messages

The United Church of God are doing door-to-door baptisms in Selly

They even baptised a student in the shower

Brum beats Oxbridge in student survey

We were University of the Year once

Man assaulted on petrol station forecourt near O2 Academy

Two men have been arrested

I auditioned for BBC Mastermind

I’m not as clever as I thought

City centre club licence suspended following unreported shooting

It was caught on CCTV

A letter to all the cat-callers in Selly

Yes I know I have boobs, they’re on MY chest

House on Dawlish Road burgled after house party

There’s been three burglaries reported this weekend

Outlook email access unavailable in Birmingham

The server is down

“Ellie Bean” Keiller elected as new Guild President

Over 7000 students voted

Rooster House has a TWO STAR hygiene rating

But we’ll still eat it

This is what campus looked like in 1946

The Business School used to be halls

Huge cannabis factory discovered near Selly Oak

The fire service accidentally found it when responding to another call out

The Guild’s clichéd advice to ‘remain vigilant’ is vague and patronising

More practical solutions need to be put in place to stop crime

Another student was mugged by masked gang on Hubert Road

There’s been two attacks in 24 hours

Student chased down Alton Road by hooded gang

The Selly Oak crime wave continues

Teenager knocked unconscious in unprovoked attack at Players

She was attacked by two girls

Man arrested for stealing 38 phones during The Libertines gig

He stuffed them down his trousers

Police release video of man wanted in connection with attacks in Selly

He is thought to have sexually assaulted four women

Violent thugs told Selly victim: ‘I’m going to fucking kill you, I’ve got a knife’

Mugging victim recounts horror of the violent attack

Armed muggers wearing ski masks are terrorising students in Selly Oak

There’s been three attacks in the last week

The Sons of Pitches are coming back to Brum following BBC show success

It’s part of their UK tour

Tory cuts are forcing Brum students to leave Selly Oak and live at home

‘I just can’t afford it anymore’

Gisbert Kapp evacuated after burnt toast sets off fire alarm


Teenager dies after taking ‘bad batch’ of drugs bought at The Rainbow

Four others were hospitalised

Rape and sexual assault are now included in extenuating circumstances

Thousands signed a petition

Selly thieves steal charity Christmas trees grown by visually impaired

That’s not very festive

Petition to include rape in extentuating circumstances reaches 2,000 signatures

The Guild ‘fully support’ the campaign

Brum Uni WiFi goes down due to cyber attack

Someone really didn’t want to hand in their essay

Prince William spotted in Selly Oak

He drove past The Pear

Fresher breaks into flat using tin foil after forgetting to take keys to Fab

His keys were on his bed

Student chased through Selly Oak train station in attempted robbery

He tried to steal her car keys

Sam Jackson to play Jamnesty concert for charity

He had a show at the O2 Academy

Brum dodgeball team wins gold at University Championships

They’ve won two years in a row

Two men are in hospital after their car crashed on Bristol Road last night

The car has been written off

Gatecrasher refused to pay third year employee over £100

He had to take civil action to get his money

An ice rink and helter skelter will be part of the Winter Spectacular

omg what

Gatecrasher closed for good after licence is revoked


The Queen officially opened Grand Central this morning

‘She was on top form’

Over 700 students attended a vigil last night in Mermaid Square

They held a minute’s silence to remember all those lost in recent terror attacks

BBC’s Doctors was filmed at the Guild earlier

They love it here

Smashed second year smashes face at Fab

She fell over

Tennis Court freshers shell-shocked after Mason egging

The Vale are not happy

Third years sacrificing Christmas presents to help refugees in Calais

Santa’s giving them a ferry fare this year

Why is there so much mould in our houses?


Lacrosse team shelled up at sports night for missing Eugene the tortoise

They looked tortoisetastic

The lacrosse team are dressing up as Eugene the tortoise for sports night

He’s still missing

Eugene the tortoise’s neighbours were burgled on Alton Road

They stole amps, four laptops, a watch and two Werther’s Originals

Nearly half of Birmingham girls say they have been sexually assaulted

This needs to stop

Burglars steal third year’s tortoise on Alton Road

It’s called Eugene

The Tab tries: Making pizza naan

They’re surprisingly delicious

The Tab’s alternative guide to Brum

Because there’s a world of wonders beyond Selly

Meet the Brum grads who can’t get a job

Funemployment, without the fun part

Second years bag Selly ‘dream home’ for just £90 a week

But there was more to it than met the eye