£500 million worth of pure cocaine seized off the coast of Aberdeen

Your gear may be a bit pricey this weekend

Tragedy struck for clubbers all over Scotland yesterday as anti-drugs police seized £500 million worth of cocaine off the coast of Aberdeen. 

The Royal Navy impounded three tonnes of pure cocaine being smuggled in a boat 100 miles off the coast.

This drug bust is the largest ever in the UK and is likely to ruin weekends everywhere.


And allowing for the inevitable street level pricing and cutting of coke, the raid adds up to roughly three times the size of the previous largest drugs bust.

Nine unlucky Turkish nationals were aboard the boat when the long arm of the law caught up to their shabby craft loaded with a cargo speeding towards the clubs of Aberdeen.

This boat definitely looks like a smuggler's boat

Now famous house duo Gorgon City are due to play tonight in Forum, this could not have come at a worse time.

Couldn't sell snow to this eskimo

Couldn’t sell snow to this eskimo

French customs said they tipped off British authorities “to board a tug 60 miles east of Scotland carrying a very large quantity of cocaine, more than two tonnes”.

Senior Investigating Officer for the National Crime Agency John McGowan added: “The search of this vessel has been lengthy and painstaking, undertaken by hugely skilled specialists working in difficult conditions.

“The result is this massive discovery – believed to be the biggest single class A drug seizure on record in the UK, and likely to be worth several hundred million pounds.”

Britain is one of Europe’s hungriest coke importers and an estimated 25 to 30 tons of cocaine finds its way into the UK each year.