Best Dressed: Union Garden Party

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CATHERINE AIREY judges what you wore this afternoon.

Alex Finnemore, Clare

Lizzy Perkins, Fitzwilliam

Imogen Galilee, Downing

Jeremy Wikeley, Pembroke

Anna Sheinmann, Downing

Max Gelibter, Selwyn

Victoria Wilkes, King’s

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  • Mr Cultured

    My outfit was better than all of the above. If this 'best dressed' contest had been judged by my future lover, Tab editor Joe Bates, I like to think I would have won (and I also like to think that first prize would have been a trip to his college room for casual sodomy).

    Speaking of sodomy, I'd quite like a go with Max Gelibter. I'm very glad I didn't see him about the gardens, because after a few oysters I doubt I would have been able to keep my hands to myself (they're an aphrodisiac you know).

    (no homo)

  • jkg

    um doesn't one of these write for the tab? I guess that's just a coincidence..

  • Oh Jeremy!

    You can have a party in my garden any day

  • mary

    How are they the best-dressed? The most that you could constructively say is that they are 'dressed'.

  • The mirror

    please get a real fashion critic…this is god awful, I'm sorry, but really….

    • haterz

      I think we need to remember that this is an amateur best dressed feature not an editorial fashion piece.

  • Errrrrr

    These photos look like they were taken on a phone…

    • Hello…

      …Mr. Blurrycam.

  • appalling

    Anna's skirt and Victoria's shoes are shockingly naff…not even in a cool way, just in a wearing-clothes-from-1998 way.



  • Secret admirer

    Ooh Jeremy, I love a man in a peach shirt.

    • Pedant

      I'm also a fan of Jeremy's shirt but surely it's pink rather than peach?

  • ikinci el e?ya

    Imogen Galilee, Downing Best Dressed
    Although dressed in a beautiful and attractive, but the beautiful Anna Sheinmann, Downing

  • alex finnemore

    call me maybe

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