Best Dressed: Union Garden Party

CATHERINE AIREY judges what you wore this afternoon.

Alex Finnemore, Clare

Lizzy Perkins, Fitzwilliam

Imogen Galilee, Downing

Jeremy Wikeley, Pembroke

Anna Sheinmann, Downing

Max Gelibter, Selwyn

Victoria Wilkes, King’s

  • Mr Cultured

    My outfit was better than all of the above. If this 'best dressed' contest had been judged by my future lover, Tab editor Joe Bates, I like to think I would have won (and I also like to think that first prize would have been a trip to his college room for casual sodomy).

    Speaking of sodomy, I'd quite like a go with Max Gelibter. I'm very glad I didn't see him about the gardens, because after a few oysters I doubt I would have been able to keep my hands to myself (they're an aphrodisiac you know).

    (no homo)

  • jkg

    um doesn't one of these write for the tab? I guess that's just a coincidence..

  • Oh Jeremy!

    You can have a party in my garden any day

  • mary

    How are they the best-dressed? The most that you could constructively say is that they are 'dressed'.

  • The mirror

    please get a real fashion critic…this is god awful, I'm sorry, but really….

    • haterz

      I think we need to remember that this is an amateur best dressed feature not an editorial fashion piece.

  • Errrrrr

    These photos look like they were taken on a phone…

    • Hello…

      …Mr. Blurrycam.

  • appalling

    Anna's skirt and Victoria's shoes are shockingly naff…not even in a cool way, just in a wearing-clothes-from-1998 way.



  • Secret admirer

    Ooh Jeremy, I love a man in a peach shirt.

    • Pedant

      I'm also a fan of Jeremy's shirt but surely it's pink rather than peach?

  • ikinci el e?ya

    Imogen Galilee, Downing Best Dressed
    Although dressed in a beautiful and attractive, but the beautiful Anna Sheinmann, Downing

  • alex finnemore

    call me maybe

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