Best Dressed

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Best Dressed: C-Sunday

Sun(day), Caesarians and suspicious substances

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Fresh Prince of Ballare: Best Dressed at Cindies WEEK 3

HASHTAG outfit of the night

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The Tab’s Best Dressed of Week 8

Some people still seem to have it together (grrr)

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The Tab’s Best Dressed

Who is still managing to nail it despite their week 5 exhaustion?

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The Tab // CUCFS Best Dressed

This week’s fashion highlights. Did you make the list?

How to get your library aesthetic on point

LIVIE TOLSON shows you the way

Clubbers of the Week: Week Two/Three

No one is safe

King’s Affair: Best Dressed

GEORGINA WONG picks out the most inventive outfits seen at one of the biggest highlights of May Week

Pembroke May Ball: Best Dressed

Pembroke’s ‘Elemental’ May Ball was classy and fun: GEORGINA WONG scouts out the attendees who dressed to the occasion

St. John’s May Ball: Best Dressed

GEORGINA WONG scouts out the best dressed partygoers at Cambridge’s most exclusive ball.

ArcSoc: Best dressed

SIMI SANDHU picks out the best costumes from ArcSoc’s Voluptuosus.

Best dressed spotted in Fez

Spotted at Fez, drinks in hand. See which of you have made it into our best dressed.


Here is Tab Fashion’s pick of the best dressed at Denim.

Jailbreak 2013: Best Dressed

Penguin onesie or Superman chic? Check out the best dressed jailbreakers from the start line on Parker’s Piece.

Best Dressed: Trinity May Ball

TOMMY SHANE snaps the best dressed at Trinity May Ball

Peterhouse May Ball: Best Dressed

ANNA SHEINMAN picks the best dressed from Peterhouse May Ball.

Best Dressed: Union Garden Party

CATHERINE AIREY judges what you wore this afternoon.

Best Dressed: Robinson May Ball

CATHERINE AIREY brings you Robinson Ball’s best dressed: from the US army to Mars.

Best Dressed: Denim

JOY STARKEY checks out the weird and wonderful in this week’s special edition of Best Dressed from Denim.

Best Dressed: Queens’

KATIE MAIR was outside Queens’ checking out what this year’s guests were wearing.