Catherine Airey

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

This film changed everything!’ CATHERINE AIREY is back. And this time she is here to explain why everyone in Cambridge must see The Hunger Games. EVERYONE.

Screw You, CICCU

CATHERINE AIREY admits her biggest turn-off from her faith has been the Cambridge Christian Union… and has a few other confessions to make as well.

Best Dressed: Union Garden Party

CATHERINE AIREY judges what you wore this afternoon.

Best Dressed: Robinson May Ball

CATHERINE AIREY brings you Robinson Ball’s best dressed: from the US army to Mars.

Look Back in Anger

CATHERINE AIREY isn’t looking back in anger.

Top Girls

CATHERINE AIREY: Not so Top, but then not so Girls either.

The Collector

CATHERINE AIREY witnesses a sad lonely caterpillar of a play butterfly into something really quite good.

The Glass Menagerie

Assured beauty, delicate and deep. A fitting appraisal from CATHERINE AIREY.


KIERAN CORCORAN and CATHERINE AIREY find tragedy in the Greek classic, sadly not the moving kind of tragedy they were hoping for, more the tragedy of bad theatre.