Wacky Revision Tips

LAURA GRAYLING banishes revision boredom.

Ever noticed how some friends  retain a glimmer of hope even as exams set in? They just don’t seem to be inflicted with revision blues.

How do people achieve this mythical state? Quite possibly they’re just weird. But maybe they’ve found a new means to put spice back in Easter term life. Here they share their tips on how to keep things fresh.


Hugh likes to turn revision on its head – literally. When the going gets tough and the books pile high, he flips over and reads upside down. While such an approach is not for the fainthearted, it certainly brings a new perspective to quadratic equations or the complete works of Shakespeare.

Pros: a rush of blood to the head which rivals any that ProPlus can provide.

Cons: not designed for the library. Or indeed, chairs.

Olivia opts for a more sensual approach. Revision need not only evoke the smell of strong coffee and dusty pages. Associating revision topics with a particular smell can act as a much needed memory trigger. Perfume, peanut butter, cherries, you name it – any scent can be associated with key information.

Pros: exploring different scents is constructive procrastination.

Cons: strange looks when you mutter ‘peanut butter’ in the exam.

Hannah’s revision is more Zen. She breaks up work with intensive sessions of chair yoga.  Admittedly Downward Dog and Warrior Two are tricky on a swivel chair, yet yoga has been proven to boost relaxation and increase the flow of oxygen around the body.

 Pros: multitasking at its best as it involves fitness and revision.

Cons: chair yoga is usually reserved for the aged and infirm.

Finally Jack, who prefers a more aggressive method. He psyches himself up pre-revision with boxing videos. What could be more exhilarating than watching oversized buffoons beating other oversized buffoons? You can take this intensive revision warm up even further by playing Chariots of Fire while you turn on your laptop or get your books out.


Pros: with all that testosterone coursing through your veins, who knows what will happen with that sexy librarian.

Cons: you may become so overcome by your prowess that you might accidentally punch the librarian.

My personal favourite is post-it notes. I confess to having a post-it note fetish. These paper gems can take anything from the number of stars in the solar system to quotes from Kafka. Then simply stick them up around you. Kitchen cupboard – stick a post-it on it. Bin lid – post-it. Toilet seat – post-it. Flat mate’s face – post-it. You get the idea.

Pros: effortless revision, providing you’re literate. All you need to do is read and absorb.

Cons: your bedder’s panic when they open your door to find a sea of post-its swamping your belongings.


So there you have it, Cambridge. When you’re revising at 2am for the fifth consecutive night, remember there are ways to put the fun, or at least the bizarre, back into revision.

Don’t settle for late nights in the library interspersed with discount energy drinks and the Facebook brain drain. Spice up your revision life by embracing eccentricity.

Any other tips to combat the boredom? Share your advice in the comment box below. 

  • TPJ

    TPJ u21's training revision: knock one or two out to the fitties in the above pictures will give the true moment of insight into academics needed to 1st class those exams…

  • 'Hugh'…

    … has a very feminine figure

  • 3rd photo down

    Hannah looks hot

  • Hannah


  • Zen girl

    What a rack

  • James Hay

    I like to intersperse revision periods with breaks for playing racquet sports.

  • Eager to Learn

    Could we see more chair yoga from Hannh? For revision purposes of course.

  • Intrigued…

    …to know how many stars Laura Grayling thinks the solar system contains? Waste of a post-it note if you ask me.

    • Is she a vet?

      I'm interested to know what subject she does, such that she needs to learn how many calories you burn when you lick a stamp, where the world's largest fish is from and whether polar bears are left or right handed.

      I wish my law degree could be written on post-it notes…

  • Piotr

    "These paper gems can take anything from the number of stars in the solar system…"

    That'll be one, then…

    • Arts Students

      Don't know science. #LEAVEIT.

    • Big Handsome Man

      If you'd care to read it again, that appears to be exactly what she means.

  • Please

    Can we get Hannah's pictures in every article from now on?

  • Stalker

    Found Hannah's Facebook, she's a cracker.

    • Captain Masturbator


    • Stalker-in-Training

      You found her based solely on her first name and an iconic bust (which might not even feature in her profile picture)? Laura Grayling doesn't have any friends called Hannah, but there are a lot of Hannahs at Cambridge – I just don't think I have the time to compare all their assets with the photo above.

      Well done sir.

      • Stalker

        Stalker-in-Training: Laura Grayling is friends with 4 girls called Hannah and the picture in the article tells us that she has blonde hair. Was really quite an easy find.

  • Why not…

    try the Butterfield revision guide?

    • don't delay

      CALL NOW

  • eugh

    shaping the nation by harriss is literally the shittest book ever written.

  • Mathmo

    If only my revision was just quadratic equations

    • arts student

      I think you meant to say:

      "If only my revision were just quadratic equations"

  • Big Sebby D

    Hannah is fit

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