Laura Grayling
After a rollercoaster first year spent trying to work out what exactly happened during the French Revolution, procuring as many lollipops as possible from Gardies and becoming one of the world’s premiere experts on 90210, Laura’s new quest is to bring humorous and perhaps even insightful procrastination to the Cantab…

Jelly Wrestling on Wobbly Ground

An online petition has been launched in protest against the infamous jelly wrestling match that takes place at the annual Wyverns’ Garden Party.

EXCLUSIVE: Cantab Tom Ash on Running The London Marathon

History student and Marathon runner Tom Ash and speaks to The Tab ahead of this afternoon’s big race.

Tab Tries: Being Roman

LAURA GRAYLING goes to ancient Rome (i.e. Girton College, Cambridge) for an authentic Roman banquet courtesy of the university Classics’ society.

168 ‘Sugar Babies’ At Cambridge

More students at Cambridge have signed up to a ‘sugar daddy’ dating site than at any other UK university.

Stephen Hawking does Go Compare

Cambridge legend Stephen Hawking is the latest celeb to take on the Go Compare man in a brand new ad!

The Best College Marriage Proposals

From punting trips to televised proposals, find out how Cambridge’s romantics wooed their college spouses.

Conquering Cambridge Part 2

The second instalment of our 10-step guide to success in Cambridge.

It’s Time To Talk About S-E-X

GEORGINA PHILLIPS deals with sex, condoms and awkard teenagers in Nepal.

Conquering Cambridge Part 1

The Tab starts you on your journey to success in Cambridge.

Wacky Revision Tips

LAURA GRAYLING banishes revision boredom.