Your College Aunts: Back and Better Than Ever

An Easter Term of content you didn’t even know you wanted

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The trials and tribulations of 2017’s freshers

In a storm of matriculation, college admin and VKs, friends are made and legends are born.

Keeping on top of your sexual health in Cambridge

Where to go to get tested and protected

A letter to my fresher self

Don’t down it too often

A guide to facetiming your parents from Cambridge

Explaining how an iPhone works to your parents is so much more fun through an intermittent and blurred conversation

Victorian advice for the modern fresher

The world of 1893 is a scary place.

A letter to my Fresher self

Things get messy

9 Best Freshers’ Week Bonding Films

Tired of talking this Freshers week? Think like a primary school English teacher and reach for the VHS…

My Worst Freshers’ Mistake

Nervous about making a mess of your Freshers’ Week? Take note of the shortcomings of your ancesters…

Charlie Palmer – Stop arguing about pointless shite

CHARLIE PALMER is here with some vital advice that could just save all of your friendships from destruction and ruin.

Dr Dick: A load of May Balls

DR. DICK is the Tab’s new advice columnist. This week he helps a girl considering whether to offer a May Ball ticket to her not-quite-boyfriend.

Tim O’Brien: Week 1

In his first column, TIM O’BRIEN kicks things off by offering the freshers a bit of advice…on advice.

Secret Supervisor: How to avoid getting tossed in the toff tank and other helpful hints

Our Secret Supervisor gives some frank advice for this years’ fresh meat.

Lecture Hopping: Take Two

MOLLIE WINTLE continues The Tab’s series of lecture hopping. This week, it’s Medicine, NatSci and PPS.

A Most Miserable Valentine’s Day

He’s Back. BEN DALTON consoles Cambridge’s singletons this Valentine’s day.

Wacky Revision Tips

LAURA GRAYLING banishes revision boredom.

Interview: Vas Annaastasiou

As Gardies turns 50, TABATHA LEGGETT talks to manager VAS ANNAASTASIOU about drunk students, art exhibition plans and aphrodisiacs.

Uncle A Solves Banter Bother

This week, Uncle A dispenses wisdom on that most elusive of social skills: banter

Agony Aunt: The Pursuit Of Sexual Satisfaction.

L&L deal with some students whose sexual needs are causing problems. Amusing problems. Amusing problems L&L then solve with an equally amusing answer.

Where the Gilets Don’t Go

ISOBEL PRITCHARD offers her advice on the best ways to spend the summer holiday.