No Contest for Leigh at the Union

David Leigh has won the Easter term Union Presidency after standing uncontested in a surprisingly clean election.

David Leigh has taken the top spot at the Union for Easter 2012, in an election that saw many candidates stand uncontested.

Leigh, a second year PPS student at St Catz, won the exam term presidency after standing unopposed.

He told The Tab he was: “extremely proud to have won,” and said that despite slight illness on the day, he would celebrate in full at the Union’s Caribbean Christmas Party this evening.

This year, the elections were largely uneventful, unlike previous contests.

In the run-up to current president Calum Macdonald’s election, various candidates were dogged with accusation of malpractice, and a candidate pulled out just days before the election.

The elections for Easter 2011 were also embroiled in scandal after Gabriel Latner, who was at the time disqualified from Union membership, announced his candidacy before being disqualified for talking to the media.

The closest this term’s elections got to an upset this term was the fact that a third of voters opted to Re-Open Nominations for the presidency. But Leigh, who is currently Union Treasurer, was level-headed about the threat posed by RON.

“I think in any uncontested election there will always be people who vote RON,” he said. “It is a fair comment on the lack of candidates running, but in the case of this election, all the uncontested candidates were extremely strong and members should be confident that the the team will deliver an excellent term of events.”

Keeping tight-lipped about his grand plans for Easter term, he did let slip that a debate on the Olympics is on the cards, “especially as Lord Coe and Tanni Grey-Thompson are honorary members.”

He also confirmed plans to bring more women to the speaker’s platform: “A major focus will be to invite more female speakers (as I realise the Union in the past has been criticised for its lineup being dominated by men).

“We are currently in talks about introducing a women’s officer – which I think would be a fantastic addition to the Union setup.”

The elections for most positions were unopposed this term. Former Press Officer Michael Black nabbed the position of Treasurer-Elect, notorious party-man Juan Zober De Francisco claimed Social Events Officer and Tab columnist Johnathan Zemlik was elected to the supplementary committee.

  • Black tie police

    Woop woop

  • Pun lover

    I would comment but I'm just a leighman.

    • F?n??t?ks l?v?r


      • Pun lover

        I'm from Somerset… It's pronounced Lay where I come from darlin'

    • True Pun Lover

      That's not how it's pronounced, you've been leighding everyone down a very murky road.

  • SlippingStandards

    The Union's new president wears a pre-tied bow tie. Does he wear velcro shoes and jeans with an elastic waist as well?

    • Slippy

      Bloody hell, next thing you know they'll be letting poor people or foreigners run. Isn't how it used to be eh? Toodle pip.

      • SlippingStandards

        Oh sorry- I'd entirely forgotten that a pre-requisite of being able to tie a bow tie was being rich. Silly me!

        It's a matter of taking a little care over one's appearance darling….

    • Hmmm

      And a wing collar with black tie. Popular, but wrong.

    • Floreattack

      What are they teaching them at Eton these days?

  • Member

    Can you invite Lexi Abrams to speak?

  • Marge in pun mode

    Hope the union doesn't go the way of Leighman Brothers.

  • Bobo

    Everyone at the union is a bellend. End of.


    "He also confirmed plans to bring more women to the speaker’s platform"


    the surname 'leigh' is pronounced lee not lay, which renders all these hilarious puns meaningless

    • BNOC


    • Bob Sleigh

      I beg to differ.

    • But

      Not if you're in Somerset!

  • Mass Debate

    Two corrections needed here:

    1. Gabe Latner was disqualified from the elections for breaking election rules (since repealed), not from membership.

    2. David Leigh received an unusually high number of RON votes (137), and two of his officers had stronger electoral mandates than he did.

    • Unusual?

      Calum macdonald (this term's president) received 134 RON votes when running for President so I'm not sure how unusually high that is…

    • Same Old Articles

      But why would the Tab bother to mention those two officers. Their columnist getting on supplementary committee is obviously more important than who will actually be running the Union.

  • Poor Effort

    Easy-Leigh Done would have been a better headline

  • please

    give them some leighway

  • Hugh Sillitoe

    Del-Leigh-te him

  • Harriet Mcbain

    This is a travesty, nee a disaster.

  • OldBolt

    Good work dave! Although – that Caribbean party where you were supposedly celebrating was AWFUL!

    • Disappointed

      yeah, caribbean christmas was a disaster, what were you thinking. All about danger spoons!

  • TPJ

    I tell you what else was no contest, my last U21s match!

    • Ian Minto

      Hi Tomos,

      Hope you're pleased about selection. Don't drop the ball – LOL!

      Ian Minto.

    • Hallam

      Well played in the 21As match. Nice to see those overhead squats finally paying dividends.

  • K.C. and Co.

    Nana nana nana nana nanana, Banter Banter Dave Banter Dave, BANTER BANTER DAVE

    • Cieran Khopra

      You wot?

  • Bantersaurus Rex

    These puns are so funny that I came out of extinction.

  • shame

    he's a bellend…

  • FTW

    You should probably tell him; I guess you could write him a letter.

    Cambridge Union Society,
    Bridge Street.

    I'm sure he would read it.

  • Andy Ansah

    unbeleighvable tekkers

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