Students Say “No Confidence”

Despite academics being in a tizz over whether to support David Willetts, 76% of you have said you have no confidence in the Universities Minister.

Academics might not have been able to make up their minds about Universities Minister David Willetts, but students have.

76% of students who took our poll last week said they had no confidence in Willetts’ university policies, which include raising the cap on fees to ¬£9,000. Meanwhile just 24% of you said they had confidence in the Minister.

A breakdown of our results

Our poll comes just weeks after the vote of no confidence by Cambridge academics ended in a dead heat. Universities up and down the country, including Oxford and Leeds, have passed votes of no confidence in Willetts.

In a statement CUSU Pres Gerard Tully said: “Students, both in Cambridge and across the country, have had no confidence in this government’s approach to higher education since day one: the reality of ¬£9,000 tuition fees is simply that students from the least advantaged backgrounds will be deterred from applying to university by fear of debt.”

University Minister David Willetts faces a vote of no confidence from Cambridge University students

Willetts under pressure?

But Cambridge University Conservative Association dismissed the result, saying they still stood by their minister.

CUCA Chairman-elect Edward Turnham said: “The recent failure of anti-government academics to pass a motion of no confidence in David Willetts at the Regent House demonstrates that the case in favour of these reforms is increasing being understood by those who bother to study the details.”

  • Someonewhoreadit

    "the reality of £9,000 tuition fees is simply that students from the least advantaged backgrounds will be deterred from applying to university by fear of debt"

    Someone who clearly hasn't read the actual government proposals. Bursaries and grants for the poorest students are actually INCREASING – more of the poorest students will go to university.

    The problem isn't for the poorest students, but for those with a low family income who just miss out on government support, and the fact that those who can afford to pay fees up-front (i.e. the wealthiest) will pay less because they won't have to take out the huge student loan and then pay interest.

    • Jerry

      Those who pay the fees up-front pay the full £9k a year. Those who don't will in all probability never pay the full amount, as unless you plan to earn a substantial amount of money, its unlikely that you'll pay off your entire student loan in the time frame imposed, and it will simply act like a tax. Therefore this policy hits the wealthy student, who wouldn't take out a student loan usually, worst, as they are locked into paying all of it back. The interest is negligible in comparison.

  • bduuhh

    "The recent failure of CUCA members to have any kind of respectability whatsoever demonstrates that the case in favour of the Conservative Party is increasing [sic] only being made by absolute fucking idiots."

  • Cake? Mmmm lovely

    "76% […] said they had no confidence. Meanwhile just 24% of you said they had confidence."

    Isn't it such a massive coincidence that those numbers add up to 100% ?!

  • Ted

    Funny how apparently 76% of students don't support Willetts but only about 100 or so students had the balls to do something about it; occupy, protest. This apparent 76% should have had the balls to support the few students who saw this coming a long time ago instead of ignoring them and turning up their noses. Disgusting.

    • Balls

      I wish I had balls

    • A Nony Mouse

      'The few students' that tried to blackmail the University Vice Chancellor, with demands that would have effected minimal pressure on the Government? The same students that declared intentions to overthrow the Government? Those students?

      As a matter of fact, those students weren't ignored, it was actually quite hard TO ignore them, with the drums, banners and megaphones. Please don't portray those 'few students' as prophets of what was to come, and that they are so much wiser than the rest of us. You only seem to be characterising those that don't agree with your entire philosophy as less intelligent, and that is nothing short of insulting.

  • Cantab

    Surely the headline should read "quarter of cambridge students support willetts' measures!"

  • Ricky Pun-ting

    Dear The Tab, as a result of your incredible pole, 'Willett' all blow up in the next few days?

    • Bronis?aw Komorowski

      I *am* pretty incredible…

    • I love you but…

      it's a poll you fucking moron.

  • Get over it

    Not a fair vote. Where was the 'don't give a shit' option. Or the 'any government that is dealing with a fucking recession is going to have to fuck up some aspects of life, at least people aren't dying in the streets' option

    • Nick

      That's a fairly glib comment, the fact that some people will inevitably be unhappy with Government decisions doesn't mean we have to accept whatever they do. What's more, the tuition fee increase has nothing whatsoever to do with the recession- it certainly won't lower the deficit since the overwhelming majority will need Government loans to pay the increased fees. It's pure ideology. They're increasing fees because they want to not because they have to, whether or not you think that's ok is another issue.

  • Nick

    "the case in favour of these reforms is increasing being understood by those who bother to study the details.”
    What unmitigated arrogance, assuming that anyone who disagrees with you does so because they can't be bothered to learn the facts.

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