Cambridge students are officially the hardest working in the UK

In other news, water is wet

TTA POLL: Comedy (Part 1)

Get voting on the first installment of the ‘comedy’ nominations.

Shit College: Churchill Vs Fitz

This week, two titans of awful architecture battle it out for the ultimate accolade of definitively being the shittest.

Get off your lazy arse and vote

But not for UKIP. Voting today is your duty, says FRED COTTERILL.

Fit Union President

It’s that time of year again at the Union, the elections are nigh and the knives are out. The real question is, who do you would think be the fittest president? Tab takes it to the polls.

Fit College: Clare v King’s

Next door neighbours get it on in public. Will King’s take the crown? Is the winner Clare as day? YOU DECIDE.

Fit College: Churchill v Jesus

This week Churchill face up to Jesus in the ultimate challenge. It can only be FIT COLLEGE.

Students Say “No Confidence”

Despite academics being in a tizz over whether to support David Willetts, 76% of you have said you have no confidence in the Universities Minister.

Poll: How Old Is Too Old To Land A Fresher?

The question dominating discussion at every college hall this week is getting with freshers, and how old is too old to be in the game. DAVID DRAKE asks for your views.

Poll: How Much Would You Pay For Cambridge?

Would you have come to Cambridge for £7,000 per year. What about £12,000? Vote now.

POLL: The Great Cindy’s/ Cindis/ Sindy’s/ Cindies Debate. Vote Here.

As a result of overwhelming public demand, The Tab has decided to end the debate over how to spell everyone’s favourite mid-week haunt. VOTE HERE!

Worst Cantabrigian – Vote Now

After Isaac Newton was crowned Best Cantabrigian by Varsity, The Tab wants you to decide: Who is the Worst Cantabrigian of all time?

Northerners gloat: Manchester is deemed ‘better than London’

Manchester beats London in city rankings