Exclusive: Wolfson Student President Resigns

The Tab understands that Wolfson student president James Mitchell has resigned this morning after a controversial college awards ceremony.

James Mitchell, President of Wolfson College Students’ Association (WCSA), has this morning resigned from his position, The Tab can exclusively reveal.

Mitchell had been facing allegations since March 18th after a controversial ‘WOSCARS’ night left many within the college offended.

What was meant to be a light-hearted mock OSCARS giving awards out to Wolfson students in various categories resulted in several complaints from students and alumni alike.

After an investigation into the complaints, the president was found to have made a “lapse in judgement” in allowing the event to continue, and had to attend meetings with his Tutor and Wolfson’s Senior Tutor to discuss the findings.

In an email, Mitchell offered an apology to everyone at Wolfson for the offence caused and has stepped down, but will help out in an unofficial role when needed “so as not to leave the committee in a mess.”

Read the full story on The Tab soon.

  • Rob

    Yes, I was there. The joke was about how it was inappropriate to celebrate the death of all those people on the titanic as their June Event theme, and how it would be similiarly inappropriate to celebrate the Holocaust; i.e. not a joke about the Holocaust but the June Event. God, some people hear "holocaust" and assume it's offensive. This just proves how dangerous it is to repeat things out of context. There weren't rape allegations, that's plain slander, and whilst no one will deny there were sexist comments, they were being laughed at NOT with. As Mitchell said in his public apology, "my intention was to ridicule the offensive ideas that were the subject of the complaints". It's so depressing people don't get that.

  • Come on…

    I can't believe Cambridge students don't know the difference between being offensive and ridiculing offensive ideas. The whole thing beggars belief.

  • WHO's BOB?!

    Who are you, Bob? Do you even know where Wolfson is? It might seem like great fun spreading silly rumours (that are so easy to prove wrong and ridiculous), but we're talking about a real person and his resignation here. WOSCARS WAS PACKED, and I wish those 200 people were here to prove you, BOB, wrong…

    Ricky Gervaise has nothing to do with ACTUAL OSCARS… he was a host of Golden Globe Award. Get your facts right and then go on attacking people.

    • Anon

      I agree with Bob.

  • Anon

    I was there too – and I am able to confirm what Rob says. Mitchell was clearly ridiculing the offensive ideas and definitely did NOT make any jokes about the Holocaust or any sexist comments. He set himself up to be laughed AT and I would guess that practically everyone there 'got' it. I fear that a very small handful of people attended with the sole intention of finding something to be offended by, so they could make a complaint. It's awful that this small minded (and unrepresentative) group have succeeded in their aim and we have lost an excellent President. Depressing is the right and appropriate word.

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