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THE TAB MEETS: Dustin Lance Black

“It’s up to us to make sure Donald Trump is the last gasp of a dying dinosaur”

GEORGE TAKEI INTERVIEW: “Trump is more like a Klingon than a Starfleet Commander”

George Takei – activist, actor and social media superstar shares his chilling childhood story, his thoughts on Hollywood and Trump’s starring role in the Star Trek Universe.


Like the Oscars, but better.

The Oscars 2013: LIVE

Keep up to date with the 85th Academy Awards with live blog updates from Nancy Napper Canter, Tommy Shane and James Mitchell.

The Impossible

TOMMY SHANE asks whether The Impossible is an impossibly gross product of our darkest shame.

Beasts of the Southern Wild

ALEX MARTIN isn’t wild about this film but found it touching nonetheless.

Oscar Predictions

JAMIE MATHIESON stakes his credibility on Hollywood liking gays, white people and Meryl Streep.

Top 5: Oscar Meltdowns

JAMIE (gasp) MATHIESON (gasp) would like to (sob) thank the Tab for the opportunity (sob) to write this article…

The Muppets

JAMIE MATHIESON describes The Muppets as ‘profound and moving’, and asks himself – am I a man or a Muppet?

Exclusive: Wolfson Student President Resigns

The Tab understands that Wolfson student president James Mitchell has resigned this morning after a controversial college awards ceremony.

True Grit

QUENTIN BEROUD gives a great yee-haw for the Coen Brothers’ latest.

Never Let Me Go

Read the book? Don’t see the film, says GENEVIEVE GAUNT.

The Fighter

PARK CHUI recommends The Fighter for its emotional punch.


JESS STEWART reckons Clint Eastwood wildly misfires with Hereafter. He must be feeling unlucky, punk.

Black Swan

CHLOE MASHITER is in two minds about this exploration of dual personalities. How fitting.

The King’s Speech

Unlike the King, TADHGH BARWELL O’CONNOR can get his words out. Lucky us.