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Bad Wolf: Naked Models Nabbed for Ball

Wolfson’s June Event will be showcasing raw talent this year in the form of naked models.

Watersprite: Mega Review

JAMES MITCHELL found this year’s film festival more inspiring than ever.

In Defence of Common Sense

JAMES MITCHELL responds to the comments which met Saturday’s article about sexual assault.

Where I feel Christmassy in Cambridge

Let The Tab show you the best places to get the festive glow in your cheeks and The Three Wise men in your hearts…

Tab Tries: Going Into The Future

ADRIAN GRAY goes into the future and all he does is check out The Tab…

Testing Times

If it seems that others are working harder than you, it’s probably because they are. That’s no reason to panic though, says JAMES MITCHELL.

“INEXPLICABLE ABERRATION”: Cam Lecturer Slates Homosexuality

Divinity Faculty lecturer Tim Winter labels homosexuality an “inexplicable aberration” in a hastily removed YouTube video.

Easter Lineup Revealed!

Lisa Kudrow, Tim Minchin, David Moyes and Jackie Stewart will each take their turn to address the Union next term, The Tab can exclusively reveal.

How To: Blind Date

The deadline for your RAG blind date forms is tomorrow. Follow ROSIE HORE’s advice to get the most out of your Valentine’s experience.

Les Misery

“Many were applauding, some were actually crying.” But the only tears JAMES MITCHELL wept during this “weak and insubstantial” film were tears of despair.

Lucy Rose

JAMES MITCHELL can’t get enough of Lucy Rose.

James Mitchell

JAMES MITCHELL’s being telling fibs. But he’s going to tell the truth this time, honest.

James Mitchell

About to fail? Don’t worry, JAMES MITCHELL is here to help with some worldly wisdom.

James Mitchell

JAMES MITCHELL can’t stand libraries, but at least his high score on Temple Run is impressive.

James Mitchell

Trouser bulges and ill-judged jokes. It’s JAMES MITCHELL in his new column.

James Mitchell

Old man about town JAMES MITCHELL kicks off his brand new column.


They’ve arrived: the new Tab columnists for this term.

Facebook: Till Death Do Us Part

How Mark Zuckerburg has set out to follow us all from cradle to grave. Nice thought, isn’t it?

Exclusive: Wolfson Student President Resigns

The Tab understands that Wolfson student president James Mitchell has resigned this morning after a controversial college awards ceremony.