Ever since Sarah Jessica Parker walked out onto the set of the new SATC movie wearing a distinctly Rachel Green inspired outfit, I can't help noticing that Jennifer Aniston's clothes in Season One of Friends are officially back in fashion.




rachel green4

  Get the Rachel Green Look

Get the Rachel Green Look
 Clockwise from top left: 



Cowgirl Sleeveless check Shirt – £25 –, Sleeveless Denim Shirt – £25 –, Knitted Fluffy Cardigan – £28 –, Acne ‘Hug Vision’ jeans – £90 –, Sleeveless Check Shirt – £25 –, Pepe Jeans Playsuit  – £65 –


  • Dan

    This article is terribly written. Do you have editors?

  • Michael

    I see that poorly written, blatantly sensationalist claptrap passing itself off as “journalism” has finally infected Worcester.

    This kind of work I’d expect from a 7 year old in a Primary School Creative Writing class – not from someone who purports to be intelligent enough to have been accepted at Univeristy – but then you might have parachuted in via Clearing – so all bets are off…