Rachel Green: Style Icon

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Ever since Sarah Jessica Parker walked out onto the set of the new SATC movie wearing a distinctly Rachel Green inspired outfit, I can't help noticing that Jennifer Aniston's clothes in Season One of Friends are officially back in fashion.




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  Get the Rachel Green Look

Get the Rachel Green Look
 Clockwise from top left: 



Cowgirl Sleeveless check Shirt – £25 – topshop.com, Sleeveless Denim Shirt – £25 – topshop.com, Knitted Fluffy Cardigan – £28 – topshop.com, Acne ‘Hug Vision’ jeans – £90 – brownsfashion.com, Sleeveless Check Shirt – £25 – topshop.com, Pepe Jeans Playsuit  – £65 – www.houseoffraser.co.uk


  • Dan

    This article is terribly written. Do you have editors?

  • Michael

    I see that poorly written, blatantly sensationalist claptrap passing itself off as “journalism” has finally infected Worcester.

    This kind of work I’d expect from a 7 year old in a Primary School Creative Writing class – not from someone who purports to be intelligent enough to have been accepted at Univeristy – but then you might have parachuted in via Clearing – so all bets are off…

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