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EXCLUSIVE: Union Spring Ball theme announced

They’re celebrating ‘all things sleek and futuristic’

A day of revision told through Ke$ha lyrics

Livin’ hard just like we should

Crushbridge actually?

Is love in the air… or is this all just one cheesy romcom?

BEST BUMS 2016 IS HERE: Do you have Cambridge’s perkiest peach?

Why not have a *crack* at it?

The Tab’s virtual punting tour

Because no Cantabrigian Instagram is complete without one

Tab Tries: Ordering three small Domino’s pizzas

We’ve really gone all out this time – what a Herculean monstrosity of a task.

RED SURGE: 12x more Freshers than ever join Cambridge Universities Labour Club

They’ve almost quadrupled in size in just 2 weeks

Punt chauffers forced to provide “airline-style safety briefing”

Those who break new rules face six month punting ban

The Tab guide to the Rugby World Cup

Helping you understand the greatest game in the world

What to do to before you come to Cambridge

How to prepare now you’re expecting

Offer-holders in torment over ‘mega mistakes’ in A-level marking

OCR has given potential freshers nasty surprise

Targeted by a ‘death squad’ : Cambridge climate scientist fears for his life

Of the four British “leaders” in Arctic research, three have recently died in quick succession

King’s Affair: Best Dressed

GEORGINA WONG picks out the most inventive outfits seen at one of the biggest highlights of May Week

Pembroke May Ball: Best Dressed

Pembroke’s ‘Elemental’ May Ball was classy and fun: GEORGINA WONG scouts out the attendees who dressed to the occasion

Caius hold student favourite Gardies on a knife edge

Caius might be taking away your chips and kebabs away

Wyverns’ Garden Party returns as village fête

The Wyverns’ tamest garden party yet

The Cambridge Cardboard Boat Race returns

Caius is head of the river once again

The Cambridge Nobel laureate’s trouble with girls

MAIA ELSNER and EMMA NEVILLE argue sexist comments from a world-renowned Cambridge graduate are emblematic of a wider problem in science.

Pembroke bans smoking in college rooms

Your right to cancer is being taken away

Who actually gives a fuck about the Greens?

JULIAN SUTCLIFFE tells you why the Greens’ failure in Cambridge shows we’re too smart to believe a party no one cares about