Don’t touch my hair

Seriously though

I ain’t shaving, and nor should you

RUBY STRINGER doesn’t shave, so why do you?

On The Pull In Cambridge

Tearing your hair out over this term’s workload? JOANNA knows exactly how that feels…

Lucy Butterfield

LUCY BUTTERFIELD’s year has got off to a great start.

Offer: Il Barbiere

22 Magdalene Street
01223 506914

Tom Davenport

TOM DAVENPORT continues his undercover work at the ADC: “‘Oh babysugarcheekyhun,’ squawked one girl at me, complete with ruff and a luminous purple studded belt.”

Dress to Impress

HOLLY STEVENSON on the pressures on looking good during May Week.

Prada Pigtails

We’re loving these Prada pigtails and think they could look good on you too…

Rachel Green: Style Icon