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Because getting your Summer wardrobe on point is clearly the most important part of Easter term

You’re fat, get over it

You might be fat, but your real problem is you’re a moron.

Summer Daze

Tab Fashion tell you to channel your sporty side this summer.

Russell Brand Calls on Cambridge Students to Lead the Revolution

Russell Brand caused some controversy whilst calling for REVOLUTION in Cambridge.

Procrastination with Nick Harris: Part II

Just when you thought you couldn’t get any more bored, NICK HARRIS returns. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Page 3: Let It Be

Boobs in the media are the least of women’s problems, says ROSIE HORE, who argues we should let tit be.

Clash Of The Patterns

Tab Fashion brings you a sassy Spring shoot from the rooftops of Cambridge.

Graduates in Cambridge: The Forgotten 20%?

Grad writer TAN WESTON-STREHLER gives us an exclusive insight into postgraduate student life in Cambridge…


TOM RASMUSSEN brings this weeks shoot into bloom, by mixing colour, florals and Americana…

Fella Fashion Review

James Flesher reviews high street fashion for fellas.

Celebrities And The High Street

Celebrity designers are doing fashion no favours. In fact, they’re simply encouraging people to buy clothes in order to sell them on again.

Police In Punch Up With Protestors

The police have been accused of brutality after they pepper sprayed one student and allegedly hit another over the head during yesterday’s protests.

Gilmour Charged With Royal Attack

Girtonian Charlie Gilmour appeared in court last week charged with throwing a bin at Prince Charles’ car.

For/Against: TOPSHOP

Are you a Topshop devotee? Find out what our writers have For and Against the high street giant

One top, Three Ways

We show you to how to justify those must-have purchases: one top, three ways to wear it.


Text flirting: a modern day battle-of-the-sexes?

The Jeggings Debate

Rachel Green: Style Icon