Bristol awash with gay cruising hotspots

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A reputable gay cruising website has identified three of our uni buildings as hotspots.

You might think there’s little more to be found in a university than lecture halls and libraries, but new evidence suggests otherwise.

Bristol is officially full of gay cruising hotspots, The Tab can reveal. – a reputable website dedicated to decoding the art of anonymous gay hookups – has identified the following university areas as the crème de la crème of gay cruising:

– Bristol University Centre for Sport

– Arts and Social Sciences Library

– The Students’ Union men’s toilets, nearest to the shop

You’ll find more than books in this library

For the uninitiated, The Tab refers you to Urban Dictionary’s definition:

The website describes “some regular action in the men’s changing room and occasionally the toilet cubicles” at the sports centre.

Meanwhile, in the Arts and Social Sciences library, you’ll find action in the gent’s toilets, owing to “several peep holes between cubicles, and one to urinals.”

We refer you, again, to Urban Dictionary:

You’ve been warned. Next time you catch a stranger’s eye while perusing the stacks, it could lead to more than you imagined…

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  • Anon

    The tone of this article is a little bit homophobic isn’t it?

    • anon

      Hardly. I hope we’re still allowed to poke fun in a light-hearted way at something which is for most still quite amusing. :(

      • A man

        Well you’d hardly see a headline “Bristol awash with places for straight people to meet and have relations”…

        • bdjrng

          Probably because it’s not as unusual. Jesus, people are allowed to find things a bit out of the ordinary funny. TBH, if there was a dogging site for heterosexual people recommending UoB property, i wouldn’t be surprised if it was on The Tab either. Lighten up, this clearly isn’t written in a malicious way.

          • A man

            Well good for you that you find homosexual relations in public places funny. Ho ho ho

  • Anonymous

    Yeah this isn’t cool

  • ….

    Surely the tab has a duty to tell us (through whatever mediums and which ever manner it feels appropriate), that there is homosexual activity occurring inside university buildings, which for the record are public property and therefore are public offences…

    • Duty calls

      Err… What?

    • Anonymous

      heterosexual ‘activity’ would also be illegal, if by that you mean sex. its not illegal to be gay in public

  • Arnold

    I met my own boyfriend, Jose, in the Gents on the second floor. Love it or leave it baby.


    I’ve Had Enough of this “Gay” Stuff Bout Time we Send These Buggers Packing I Say RULE BRITANNIA

  • Anonymous

    thak god i moved from bristol to brighton….

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