A petition with 12,000 signatures is calling to stop the group chat boys returning to uni

It’s directed at Vice Chancellor and the Warwick Uni Complaints Department

A Warwick student has started a petition calling for the boys involved in the notorious Warwick group chat to not return to university next academic year.

The petition, titled "Don't allow those in group chat at Warwick uni back. Say no to violence on campus", is directed at Vice Chancellor of Warwick, Stuart Croft and the Warwick Uni Complaints Department.

At the time of publishing the petition has received over 12,000 signatures.

A female victim from the group chat, Nicole, told The Tab: "I am so overwhelmed and emotional at the support shown for us victims in this horrible situation.

" Our fellow students and the wider community have shown we will not be silenced and that our safety does NOT have a price. It is sad that is has come to needing a petition to get the university to acknowledge the safety of its students, but so so important that this petition reaches as far as possible and to stop men like this winning in society."

Lucy Mooring created the petition after the news that two of the eight students would have their punishments reversed and would be allowed to return to university in the next academic year, instead of serving a 10 year campus ban.

In it Lucy states: "As a Warwick student, I am outraged and upset that my safety on campus is being disregarded for the future of privileged students. It is never acceptable to threaten to rape and mutilate women- these same women will be expected to be on campus with men who think that about them."

Supporters of the petition have given their reasons for signing, with one supporter giving his reason as, "my daughter is a student at Warwick. I want to know the University is protecting her properly."

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