Rohini Jaswal

Here are all the best signs from today’s #ShameOnYouWarwick protest

The march ended with students protesting outside university management’s office

Warwick SU President calls for the University Vice Chancellor to resign

SU President Liam Jackson has made five demands to the Warwick VC

BREAKING: Two group chat students with reduced sentences will not return to Warwick University

The Vice-Chancellor issued a statement just now

Warwick and Leamington MP signs petition to ban the group chat boys returning to uni

Matt Western wrote an open letter to the Vice Chancellor

‘Students have no confidence that their safety and rights are taken seriously’: Warwick SU speak out

SU President announced a ‘crisis of confidence’ in the university

Warwick students organise march against return of group chat boys, posting list of demands to the uni

The march is taking place on Wednesday February 6th

A petition with 12,000 signatures is calling to stop the group chat boys returning to uni

It’s directed at Vice Chancellor and the Warwick Uni Complaints Department

‘We were humiliated’: Warwick group chat victim speaks out

‘I feel terrified at the prospect of having these boys in my seminars and lectures’

‘Shame on you Warwick Uni’: Thousands speak out about Warwick’s failure to punish the group chat boys

‘I feel completely ashamed to associate with this institution’

‘Let’s do it all again’: Second Warwick boys group chat exposed

The second chat, created after the first one was leaked, was called ‘Boys 2.0’

An A-Z of every POP! night out

The only D you’re going to get is Disco Dave

Tributes paid after Warwick student killed in car crash in Spain

Keren Brody graduated from Warwick in July 2018

‘I need to re-evaluate my life’: Warwick SU President regrets starting Twitter beef with Disco Dave

Further evidence that POP! is the rowdiest night out

What are you doing to help the homeless in Coventry and Leamington this Christmas?

Here’s how you can make someone’s Christmas just that little bit easier

Don’t be bait, it’s Clubbers Week 8!

At least we’ve still got freedom of movement on the dance floor

Meet the final year Warwick student who told Nigel Farage he was talking ‘rubbish’

She referred to Brexit as his ‘unfortunate project’

Warwick SU set to offer free drug testing kits to students

Our survey revealed three quarters of Warwick students have taken drugs

Which Friends character is your halls?

Because no-one told you campus was going to be this way

Could you save a six-year-old boy from leukaemia? A stem cell donation clinic is on campus today

Warwick Marrow will be based at the SU atrium, Oculus foyer and Maths & Stats building all day

‘The bus caught on fire as it struggled to make it up a hill’: We spoke to the students on the 12X bus

The National Express 12X bus caught fire this morning