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Exclusive: Warwick backtrack on punishment as group chat boys return to university

Six of the boys are still at Warwick when only three were supposed to return

Of the eight boys punished for the Warwick group chat, six are now back at university, The Warwick Tab can exclusively reveal.

Five of the group chat members were required to leave Warwick for at least a year, meaning only three were supposed to return this month.

However, six have since returned to the university this academic year.

The group chat, which was exposed in May of this year, included rape threats such as "sometimes it's fun to just go wild and rape 100 girls."

Just some of the messages from the chat

As well as their university accounts appearing on Warwick People Search, a number of the boys have been spotted in Leamington Spa and also on campus. Two of the boys have not returned to Warwick to continue their studies.

One member of the group chat was seen moving into what we can confirm is Warwick Housing accommodation in Leamington Spa, student housing that is owned and administered by Warwick University. Warwick Housing also confirmed that the tenancy of this address had been renewed by the same people as last year.

Since The Warwick Tab broke the story naming the boys involved in the group chat, the University of Warwick have refused to co-operate with our requests for comment.

Despite trying to contact the press office several times, the uni have yet again given the same statement in response.

A spokesperson for the University of Warwick told The Tab: "After The Warwick Tab’s actions today in regard to this matter, identifying the students by name before the investigation has been concluded, we will no longer be replying to the Tab…we of course continue to respond to other student media."

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