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Three students in the Warwick boys group chat have been banned from campus as university conclude investigation

One student has been banned for life and two more have been banned for ten years

The University of Warwick have concluded their investigation into the Warwick boys group chat and have banned one student from campus for life and another two students for ten years.

The investigation has made a decision on all eleven boys involved in the Warwick boys group chat that contained rape threats and rape jokes.

The Warwick Boar have also said two more students have been told to immediately withdraw from Warwick University for a year and have also been given fines as well as a number of other disciplinary measures.

A further three students in the group chat have also received fines and other disciplinary penalties.

The case of one of the boys was found to be "not proven" by the university’s Major Disciplinary Committee, and two of the originally accused students were exonerated at an early stage of the process.

This accounts for all eleven male students who were part of the Warwick boys group chat.

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The group chat, which emerged one month ago, included messages such as "she looks like a rape victim," and spoke of having "surprise sex" with freshers. They also were seen to contain paedophilic content, as well as making threats of female genital mutilation about another student.

The group chat, as we revealed, included a History Society Treasurer and Tour Officer.

The investigation followed two complaints against the group chat. The university stated that the chat came in breach of their 'Dignity at Warwick' policy which strives to create and ensure: 'A working and learning environment in which all University members (staff and students) are treated fairly and with dignity and respect, and where bullying and harassment are not tolerated.'"

The University of Warwick said: "The allegations were extremely serious and concerned matters that have been found to be a significant breach of the University’s “Dignity at Warwick Policy.”

The university claim to have began the investigation on the 25th April, within 24 hours of receiving the complaints.

If you have any further information about this story, particularly about which students got what punishment, you can contact us confidentially by either emailing [email protected] or sending a WhatsApp to: +447715750931.

If you have been affected by any of these issues, please contact Wellbeing Support or Warwick SU Advice Centre.

Alternatively, you can also contact the Coventry Rape and Sexual Assault Centre (CRASAC) on 02476 277777 – open Monday-Friday, 10am-2pm, and Monday and Thursday evenings from 6-8pm.

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