Warwick SU have tried to silence students and staff from talking about the boys group chat

They’ve told staff members to ‘refrain from making comments’

In response to the exposure of the group chat where Warwick students made rape threats about female students, Warwick's Students' Union have attempted to silence students and staff who work at the SU from speaking out about the situation.

The Chief Executive of Warwick SU, Jacqui Clements, sent an email to all staff members telling them to "refrain from making any comments on the situation".

The email read: "I am sure you are all aware of an ongoing press situation relating to some of our students. The press are on campus as we speak. Please refrain from making any comments on the situation and refer them to the statement on the SU's home page."

The email was posted on Twitter by a third year Warwick student, who is a former employee of the Students' Union.

They said: "I know that this is probably information that I'm supposed to keep private but I find it fucking infuriating." She went on to add that she had worked with one of the boys in the group chat.

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The third year also said: "[I'm a] little confused as to why Warwick as an institution don't want us to comment," before going on to criticise the decision: "Silence is normalising too and I'm not going to be quiet about this because it needs a fucking reaction and it needs to change".

Jacqui Clements has been contacted for comment.

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