Which classic Vine is your Warwick uni halls?

It’s a very serious question

By now, you should be aware of which Christmas song your halls are, which Made In Chelsea character they are and simply, what your halls say about you.

However, there remains one outstanding unanswered question: Which classic vine is your Warwick uni halls?

You can stop hanging off the edge of your seat, because we have the answers.

Arthur Vick – road work ahead, ah yeah I sure hope it does

This is just the kind of chat you'd get from someone who lives in AV. Not that funny but somehow iconic and definitely somewhat respectable.

Bluebell – white boy killing it at the gas station

Really this is just another way that we can joke about how silly people from Bluebell look when they wear chinos and loafers to the Grid. Firstly, it's not necessary, and secondly, it's just not a look. Wear normal clothes, please.

Claycroft – well there goes the milk

Only someone who lives in Claycroft can be this care-free with their food produce, seeing as they practically live in the Tesco's parking lot.

Cryfield – welcome to the hood

People who live in Cryfield can keep convincing themselves that they are part of the Warwick 'hood' all they want, being 'so close to central campus'. But it will never happen. Face it, you are not Kris Jenner. You are Rob, and the 'hood' is no place for you.

Heronbank – wait a minute, who are you?

This is how the rest of the university feels when you tell them that you live in Heronbank – utter confusion because they neither have any idea where it is, nor know anybody else who lives there.

Jack Martin – Jones BBQ and foot massage

JM is as darling and innocent as this wonderful, wholesome vine. It's classic, and quintessentially Warwick. Nothing to fault here – just good, clean fun.

Lakeside – they left you in the car Grandma?

Neglected and so alone. Lakeside is just in the wrong direction of anything and so there's a tragic tendency for other students to simply forget that they exist, leaving them feeling just as helpless as the adorable, stranded granny in this vine.

Refern – calculator selfie

Just sad and disappointing. A mistake like this can only be rectified by complete, permanent destruction and eventually, an attempt to re-build and try again. Let's face it, Redfern needs to be knocked down just as much as these girls need to pretend that this calamity never happened.

Rootes – kid dancing to Future

Students who reside in Rootes are on the exact same level that this child is on. Absolutely loving life. His mum walking in and failing to even get a word in is basically what happens whenever the residential life tutours try to shut down Rootes' parties.

Sherbourne – look at all those chickens

You think the geese are bad on central campus? You only have to visit Sherbourne to realise exactly where they all come from. Just imagine trying to sleep through this racket.

Tocil – I've never been to oovoo javer

Students who live in Tocil are just as out of touch as this sound bloke. But bless them they are so innocent we just can't hold it against them.

Westwood – aw fuck, I can't believe you've done this

The heartfelt bitterness of the guy who gets wildly smacked in this classic vine echoes the cries of those who live in Westwood. How far away their halls are from central campus is an absolute injustice, leaving them feeling exactly as victimised as the guy in this vine.

Whitefields – my friends and I love this dance called the nae nae

Shocking vine, shocking halls. I'm done.