Sophie Bruxner-Randall
Deputy and Fashion Editor at The Tab Warwick
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Leamington Assembly is closing down!!

The news came in just this afternoon

The Tab investigates: Which Warwick clubs and bars are STILL using plastic straws?

It’s 2019 honey, where are your reusable metal straws?

Fire services were called to Canley halls of residence last week

The fire was caused by ‘poor housekeeping’

Eight New Year’s resolutions every Warwick student will be bringing back to uni with them

New year new me…?

Three Warwick students have made a website where you can review your housing and landlord in Leamington and Coventry

Because we’re tired of getting screwed over

Sustainability, charity and diversity: Here’s everything you need to know about LINE’s upcoming fashion show

It’s called fashion, baby

We chatted to Made In Chelsea’s Sam Thompson about casual sex, slut-shaming and lad culture

This one’s for you, freshers

Warwick students are angry at Stagecoach for late buses and massive queues

£330 not so well spent…

BREAKING: Second-year Warwick student Prabal Bhusal has been FOUND

He had been missing for five days

URGENT APPEAL: Second year Warwick student Prabal Bhusal is MISSING

He was last seen on Monday leaving a friend’s house in Canley

Campus style: First week back and killing it

Fresh as hell

Which Mario Kart course is your uni course?

Here’s a major throwback

All the questionable fashion trends you’re bound to see during your first week at Warwick

You know, like wearing your school leavers hoodie

Warwick lecturers told to opt out of lecture capture as it could ‘undermine future strike action’

Warwick UCU have said lecture capture was used to ‘break the strike’ earlier this year

The Warwick Rowers’ were suspended from Instagram, but their account is now back up thank God

Don’t scare me like that

Warwick Uni saved over £400k as a result of this year’s lecturer strikes

£420,421.63 to be exact

Campaign: Help us get the new Love Island series opener broadcast on the Piazza screen

Now that’s my type on paper

Which classic Vine is your Warwick uni halls?

It’s a very serious question

The Tab spoke to the students behind Codpiece’s latest production about dementia

‘It is time to speak about the unspoken’

Warwick SU have tried to silence students and staff from talking about the boys group chat

They’ve told staff members to ‘refrain from making comments’

2,000 people sign petition to increase the punishment of the 11 Warwick rape joke group chat boys

It was created by a Warwick fresher

‘She looks like a rape victim’: Here are even more rape threat messages from the Warwick boys group chat

The name of the group chat was ‘Fuck women disrespect them all’

These are the things you’ll always remember about being a Warwick fresher

Freshers 2k17/18 baby!!

Campus style: Warwick students staying well-dressed under pure stress

Because fashion is always the priority

Cramming is the worst and it’s time you admit it

‘Just pull an all-nighter!’ they said

What to wear to every halls of residence at Warwick uni

We know it’s something you’ve always wanted to know

11 online clothing stores that you’ve probably never heard of but should definitely check out

Because you’re sick of everyone having the same puffa jacket as you

Here’s what you should actually be wearing to every club night at Warwick

One does not simply dress the same for Smack and Neon

It’s ball season and we’ve picked the perfect outfits for every theme so you don’t have to

Honestly, you can stop stressing

Campus style: New Year, New You

You are stepping into the new year right