Which Made in Chelsea character is your Warwick halls?

Because your address matters

They say Chelsea is like a bubble filled with incest, booze and lots of ‘pardy,’ and let’s be honest, Warwick’s really no different.

While we may choose The Dirty Duck over The Phene and spend our days on The Parade rather than The Kings Road, Warwick and Chelsea really are one in the same.

With enough Southerners to rival SW3, it’s true that just like Chelsea, one’s postcode (or accommodation address) is a real determinant of who’s who on campus.

Arthur Vick- Alik Alfus

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Just like Al Alfus, Arthur Vick folk appear to be fun-loving, chilled out and the life and soul of the party, when in reality they’re easily wound up and very homesick. While they may have the confidence and ease of a New Yorker, they’re really covering up the insecurity of not being that close to central campus.

Jack Martin – Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo

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They’re like every other Tory you know, but just a bit more likeable. The people at JM claim to ‘hate the drama,’ and the ‘jungle’ that is Warwick, yet they’ll eagerly await for updates while occasionally stirring the pot. Approachable, easy-going and a laugh JM people are friends to all.

Bluebell – Mark Francis-Vandelli

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Bluebell reeks of prestige and due to the luxury of double beds, would also never have a need for sleeping bags. Like Mark Francis they keep it real and keep it classy. Bluebell residents are undeniably attractive and tend to ‘be above’ all the drama and pettiness of uni life. They definitely speak several languages and spend their summers in the South of France, just like Chelsea favourite Mark.

Cryfield- Liv Bentley

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The people at Cryfield take no shit and don’t give a shit- just like Chelsea warrior Liv Bentley. You know where you come from and where you’re going and everything else just doesn’t matter. Cryfield folk are as self-assured as Olivia Bentley. You spend the least on accommodation fees, are painfully far out but don't care about it- power to you.

Lakeside- Frankie Gaff

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Lakeside, while somewhat beautiful, is easily un-likeable for being far out and a lot of effort, just like Chelsea resident Francesca Gaff. Frankie’s resting just smelt a fart face is also uncanny to the reaction to the smell of goose shit surrounding Lakeside.

Rootes- Jamie Laing

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Your love for a ‘pardy,’ and boy-next door vibe is second only to that of Jamie Laing. Everyone loves Jamie, everyone knows Jamie, and despite his habit for making a mess of things, people just keep on coming back for more. Heir to the McVitie's fortune, Laing, like a Digestive, is a staple to Chelsea, just as Rootes is a staple to Warwick.

Sherbourne- Proudlock

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Pruders is cool, Pruders is edgy and so are the Sherbourne alumni. The people at Sherbourne are cool, allusive and often very good looking, just like your 'boi' Pruders. While they’re not always around and quite scarce, it’s always super exciting when you bump into someone from Sherbourne. Sherbourne people share the same understated ‘poshness,’ and humility as good ol’ Ollie Proudlock.

Tocil- Harry Barron

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Just like Harry Barron, Tocil is irrelevant and doesn’t quite belong. We question how Harry made it to Chelsea and question where he came from, just like we do anyone who comes from Tocil. Once a club promoter and emo skate-boarder, Barron tried to re-invent himself through Made in Chelsea, just as Tocil residents have tried to do at university; but of course, we see right through this.

Westwood- Mimi Bouchard

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Just like the thought of a trip to Westwood sends shivers down your spine, so does the thought of any more time being spent on Mimi Bouchard’s character. The distance between Toronto and Chelsea is almost the same as that between Westwood and central campus. Like Mimi’s rows with Tiff Watson and Liv Bentley, Westwood residents do sometimes have their moments of entertainment but mostly we question where they’ve come from and what they’re really doing here.

Whitefields- Ryan Libbey

Oddly shaped and clearly out of place, Whitefields = Ryan Libbey. You cringe every time you walk past them, just like you cringe at Libbey’s controlling on screen behaviour. Libbey, as the boyfriend of Louise is inherently relevant and hard to ignore, just like the centrally placed, eye-sore that is Whitefields.

Claycroft- Sam Thompson

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You’re forced to confront Claycroft on your necessary walk to Tesco’s just like there’s no escaping Sammy T. There’s nothing wrong with him, but apart from the occasional drink thrown, he really adds nothing to your life.

Redfern- Victoria Baker Harber

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Cold, unwelcoming and distant, and thus Redfern is naturally Victoria B-H. Victoria used to have some allure to her, but just like Redfern, is now past her prime.

Heronbank- Sam Prince

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You know that the people at Heronbank have money, just like Princey, yet they’re still quite irrelevant. Heronbank, like Princey, is easy on the eye, yet any mention of it does throw you as you’d forgotten it existed or played any part in the making of central campus.