Sussex senior managment set to release 12 seagulls to symbolise letting go of 2020’s bad energy

The event will be livestreamed on the university’s Instagram account

Senior management at The University of Sussex are set to release 12 seagulls into the air this coming Friday at 12pm, The Sussex Tab can reveal.

The event will be avaliable for all students to watch live via the university’s Instagram account.

It has been reported that both Vice Chancellor Adam Tickell and Pro-Vice Chancellor Kelly Coate will be present and releasing seagulls out of crates.

A spokesperson from Sussex Uni told The Sussex Tab: “We understand this past year has been incredibly hard for many of our students and staff alike and having to adapt to new working conditions has proved a challenge.

“The University of Sussex would like to make a symbolic motion with the release of 12 seagulls from campus next week to signify both letting go of these hard events of the past year and also being open to the events of the future.”

VC Tickell will unleash the seagulls from Library Square

The uni also announced each seagull represents “the negative result of remote learning.” Here is the list: lack of library space, online lectures, breakout rooms, unstable connection, coronavirus tests, not being able to go onto campus, being unable to socialise in large groups, being far away from family and friends, lockdown trends, year abroads being cancelled, the library staff having to put all texts online and crying on Zoom.

The university spokesperson added: “The university greatly looks forward to welcoming back its students once this global pandemic has settled.”

You’ll be able to watch the livestream on Instagram here.

Check the date today…April Fool’s!

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