Sussex SU to hold student rally to voice concerns over university experience

It is the first rally of its kind to take place in years

On Wednesday 25th November at 15:00, the Sussex Students’ Union will be holding a virtual rally for students and staff to voice their concerns about the university and suggest what can be done to support the community and make the experience at Sussex more enjoyable during this hard time.

Hundreds of students will be coming together and giving their opinions on what needs to improve next semester as well as in the future, especially as the university has grown so much over the last few years causing student voices to go unheard. The rally is a great opportunity to change this.

The rally will be held entirely online via Zoom and throughout the conversations the SU will compile a list of demands for the university. They will send a recording of the rally and students’ anonymous responses to their google form to the university.

The more people and voices that are heard the better.

Zoom link to access the rally: