‘Christmas is saved!’: Sussex food staff furloughed until March instead of made redundant

Sussex uni has passed on thanks to Sussex Food staff for their patience

Over the past three weeks, Sussex Food catering staff employed by Chartwells have been under the risk of being made redundant.

Just weeks before Christmas, it was announced today that Chartwells catering staff will remain on furlough until March 2021.

This news follows after frontline staff at Sussex anonymously penned an open letter to Vice-Chancellor Adam Tickell, requesting the University steps in and helps so that they won’t be made redundant.

The University sent out a Tweet in response to Crisis Justice at Sussex, they stated: “We will pass on our huge thanks for the patience and professionalism of the catering team on campus.”

Crisis Justice at Sussex, who have campaigned for the support of catering staff at Sussex, tweeted stating it was a big win for the workers. Their Tweet said: “Catering Staff at Sussex uni will now be furloughed until March. This is a huge win for the workers, only made possible by the dedication and organisation of students, staff and local community. More details will be released as they come in!”

Just yesterday a fundraiser was set up, this was in case the staff were made redundant and needed money to fall back on. In just over twenty-four hours, they have raised under £6000 for Sussex uni frontline workers. They are still intending to accept donations and divide out the total amount equally amongst the catering staff. Links to the fundraiser can be found here.

More updates to follow.