Hawk Tuah girl

Reality shows to merch: Everything the Hawk Tuah girl has been up to since her viral fame

She got offered $600 to spit in a jar and sell it

We’re truly in an era of people going viral and just becoming famous for the most random of things, and the latest one is, of course, the Hawk Tuah girl.

In a now-viral video, Hailey Welch is approached in the street for an interview where she’s asked how she gets over a breakup, and then her go-to move in bed that makes a man go crazy. She replies: “Oh you gotta give him that hawk tuah, spit on that thing” whilst imitating spitting, well, on a dick.

The video has gone insanely viral, but if you haven’t seen the original here it is in all its glory:

She’s said in interviews that she doesn’t just want to be known as the Hawk Tuah girl. Speaking on a podcast, Hailey said: “I don’t really want that being my image. Like Hawk Tuah girl I just don’t really see that being my thing .” So what else does she want to be known as?

This is everything Haily Welch, AKA Hawk Tuah girl has been up to since her new viral fame:

In talks for a reality show deal

According to TMZ, the Hawk Tuah girl is in talks with big TV companies for a reality show based on her life. Big-name showrunners and producers are apparently reaching out to people in Hailey’s circle to discuss what kind of show they can create around her. Sources told TMZ that her viral fame is not the only factor drawing them to a reality show but they also find her relatable and humorous, traits they say she showed on a recent Barstool podcast with Brianna LaPaglia.

Signed with a talent agency

Amidst her newfound fame, Hailey Welch has signed with talent agency Penthouse. There was apparently a battle to sign the Hawk Tuah girl though with multiple talent agencies offering her deals and fighting it out for her.

Offered $600 to spit in a jaw

Appearing on a podcast to talk about her fame, Hailey was asked whether creepy guys message her as a result of the viral video and she replied: “The guy that does my hats got offered $600 like three days ago for me to spit in a jar and sell it. That is revolting. Like that is just disgusting is it not? And I was like should I do it and then I was like no I shouldn’t do that.”

Performed onstage with Zach Bryan at a country gig


Welcome to my world 🌎 @Zach Bryan @Brianna LaPaglia #zachbryan #hawktuah

♬ American Nights by Zach Bryan – Zach Bryan Snippets

Hailey recently joined country singer Zach Bryan on stage at his concert in Nashville where they sang together. The singer was performing in Nashville’s Nissan stadium and spotted Hawk Tuah Girl’s sign asking if she could come on stage to play his song Revival. The whole thing is major vibes and she’s all dressed up in her cowboy hat with a beer in one hand and screams “Hawk Tuah” into the microphone. Queen.

Sold over $65,000 worth of merch

Hawk Tuah girl

Via TikTok

Lord when is my viral moment gonna come because I really need $65k worth in merch sales right now! But Hailey Welch has set up a new company called 16 Minutes LLC where she’s applied for the copyright for the phrase “Hawk Tuah”

She’s now teamed up with clothing company Fathead Threads and they are exclusively selling hats which read “Hawk Tuah ’24”, which cost available for $32.78 each, with signed versions available for $50. She estimates that they have so far sold just over 2,000 hats, earning an estimated $65,000.

“Our largest orders are usually 100 hats, maybe 150-250 shirts. This is way out of the normal for us,” the owner of Fathead Threads said. “This is a small family-owned shop. We’re all-hands-on-deck right now.”

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