Granny boat video

Guys, we finally have an update on THAT Granny falling the off boat video and she’s ok!

Our queen was back sipping martinis and dancing on the yacht in no time

Guys, we have an update on the Granny who fell off the boat from THAT viral video and I’m very happy to say our queen is okay and went on to sip martinis on the yacht in her “Grammy Goes Wild Croatia ’22” t-shirt after the fall.

If you’ve spent any time at all on the internet over the last couple of days you will have undoubtedly seen the video of the grandma falling off the boat down that tiny gap into the sea. And let’s be honest, you were definitely thinking either is she okay, why did she not even try and step on and how did he fit down that tiny gap?

But if you’ve somehow missed it, here it is in all its glory:

The video shows an elderly woman getting ready to step on a yacht and holding hands with the crew members. The person filming shouts “Woo Grammy’s first on the boat!” and then she misses the step completely and slips through the gap straight into the sea. Chaos ensues and all the family are just screaming their heads off.

But thanks to the Granny’s grandson, we finally have an update on the queen and she’s okay! The fall happened on a trip to Croatia for her 80th birthday in 2022 and soon after she was dancing on the yacht sipping martinis.

Via TikTok

Posting an update on TikTok, he said: “She was ok! It was her 80th birthday so we were making a big deal of her being first on the boat. The trip went smoothly once Grammy had her martini and her hair dry. She HATES water so it was very unlikely that she’d be the first in the water.”

The TikTok shows the moments before the fall when she was dancing her way to the boat all excited, it then shows the fall and then cuts to a boomerang of the queen having a martini and dancing in the boat in a t-shirt that says “Grammy goes wild Croatia ’22”.


⚠️Grammy goes overboard⚠️ But she was ok! It was her 80th bday so we were making a big deal of her being first on the boat. Trip went smoothly once grammy had her martini and her hair dry. She HATES water so it was very unlikely that shed be the first in the water. The first video was removed for graphic content #yachtlife #BelowDeckSaltzmanEdition #xyzbca #fyp @belowdecktiktok

♬ original sound – 60free

When she’s dancing on the yacht the video then shows her leaving in to kiss her husband, so I’m very glad it was all a happy ending after all.

Granny boat video

Get me one of these bad boys ASAP (Via TikTok)

We also got a different angle of the video which shows her shaking hands with all the crew members before slithering down. It’s all very Below Deck, isn’t it?


I heard the workd wanted an alternate angle? Grammy pt 2

♬ original sound – 60free

In this video, you can see the crew members starting to jump into the water to save her as the family screams “GET HER! GET HER!”. So although we don’t have footage of her being rescued we can assume that it was the crew members who jumped in to save her and saved the day.

Granny boat video

Via TikTok

The video has been shared millions of times literally everywhere with one of the TikToks getting over 37 million views. All of the comments are people asking for an update and begging to know if she was okay so I’m very glad we all finally have answers!

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