viral dress strangled

Um, the guy behind *that* viral dress has strangled his wife in ‘terrifying attack’

Arguments over whether the dress was blue and black or white and gold literally broke the internet in 2015

Um, so remember the blue and black or white and gold dress that kinda broke the internet in 2015? Well, it turns out the guy behind the whole thing has admitted to strangling his wife.

The dress went viral in 2015 after it was posted on Tumblr and the whole world argued over whether it was white and gold or black and blue. It became known as the dress that broke the internet, with the couple even appearing on Ellen.

But now Keir Johnston, who originally posted the dress his now mother-in-law was going to wear to his wedding, has appeared at Glasgow High Court where he admitted to endangering his wife’s life in a “terrifying” attack where he strangled her.

The couple lived on the Isle of Colonsay, Scotland after their wedding but Keir Johnston turned violent on 6th March, 2022. The court heard that he said “Somebody is going to die” as he attacked his wife Grace.

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Grace had refused her husband’s demands not to attend a job interview on the mainland. Days later he told her he was leaving her before the pair got into an altercation where he grabbed his wife and threw her to the ground. He pinned her to the ground and choked her before also taking out a knife.

“He placed both knees on her arms, so she was unable to move. He then began strangling her with both his hands,” the court heard.

She desperately sent messages to friends begging for help and then called 999, yelling down the phone: “My husband is trying to kill me”.

“She was initially able to scream and feared for her life and believed Johnston intended to kill her as he was very forceful,” lawyers said.

viral dress strangled

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Keir Johnston has accepted responsibility for the assault. The judge bail and placed him in custody, telling him: “I have no need to tell you that this is a serious and violent offence.

“You repeatedly strangled her, injured her and put her life in danger in what must have been absolutely terrifying circumstances for her. “I am afraid, Mr Johnston, that your status has now changed, you have been convicted of a very serious crime and you will be remanded in the meantime.”

The judge heard a history of domestic abuse and Keir now remains in custody until his sentence on the 6th of June.

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