Jonathan Jacob Meijer, The Man With 1000 Kids

Where Jonathan Meijer is now and his plans to sue Netflix over The Man With 1000 Kids

‘I will definitely sue the hell out of the whole Netflix crew’

In the last week or so, everyone has learned the name Jonathan Jacob Meijer. He’s the centre of Netflix documentary series The Man With 1000 Kids, all about his life and deception as a prolific sperm donor.

The three part documentary tells the story of a group of families, who learn the charismatic man they had trusted is sperm donor to hundreds — or perhaps thousands — of other children across the world. The donor, Jonathan Meijer, donated to 11 sperm banks in the Netherlands and also made private donations.

So, where is Jonathan Meijir now? Here’s what we know, and what he’s said following the Netflix documentary about him.

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Where is Jonathan Meijer now?

Even after the Netflix doc about him, Jonathan Meijir is still regularly posting on his YouTube channel. A couple of weeks ago he was in Zanzibar, the Netflix show’s executive producer Natalie Hill told Tudum. “He’s been very transparent about where he is in YouTube videos. And from what we know, he’s not had a steady job of any sort.”

He was approached to be on the show, but declined. Director Josh Allott said: “I did meet [Jonathan] in order to speak to him about being in the documentary. We approached him a number of times to be interviewed and gave him a right to reply at the end. He refused to comment on any of the allegations in the series.”

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Jonathan Meijer has said he wants to sue Netflix over The Man With 1000 Kids

After the show, Meijer has clapped back at Netflix and said he is in fact the victim in his story. He called himself “vulnerable” and accused the mothers in The Man With 1000 Kids of “putting on an act” to “put this on me”.

Despite saying he only started donating sperm to help people, speaking to The Independent, Jonathan admitted he may have got carried away. “Sometimes I think I got too carried away,” he said. “I should have told myself that [a smaller number of children] is fine. It would be best if I had been open, but I chose to follow the international guidelines.”

However, he’s clearly still not happy with how he was portrayed, as in one of his recent YouTube videos, Jonathan Meijer has said he plans to sue Netflix for slander over the allegations made in The Man With 1000 Kids.

In the video, he said he watched the first part of the Netflix docuseries, and said he had filed a report against slander for the statement that he swapped or mixed sperm with another donor, Leon. He said: “I’ve never done that, it’s a blatant lie and Netflix will have to remove it or I will make a legal case.”

Speaking to The Independent about the inclusion of this detail, Meijer added: “No, that’s total slander. It’s insane. Why would I do that? Why should anyone do that? If it’s in the documentary, be prepared, I will definitely sue the hell out of the whole Netflix crew.”

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