Two couples SPLIT on Love Island tonight as bombshells hit the villa and Islander quits show

Quite literally everything is happening right now

Tonight it really looks as though every possible bit of drama is going to go down on Love Island 2024. It’s been a rocky few days with the Casa Amor recoupling followed by movie night, but the villa is going to be feeling the repercussions for days.

It’s been reported there’s another dumping coming, which then prompts an Islander to quit the show completely, and in a first look of the episode tonight bombshells join, and couples are questioning everything.

Kicking off Monday’s show, following an intense evening at the Love Island Film Festival, Uma and Matilda head to the daybeds to debrief on the night’s revelations. Uma admits: “I’m so embarrassed, I really thought he was a different person…” Matilda agrees, saying: “Yeah what we saw was really shit, but the way they’ve handled it has made it ten times worse.”

Love Island 2024

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Recalling the tapes of Wil getting to know Jessy, Uma gets emotional, adding: “For you to sit there and be like ‘oh yeah that’s my perfect type’, that’s actually quite upsetting for me to hear.” As Mimii and Matilda comfort Uma, Matilda gives her a pep talk, saying: “Babe do you know what? You’re the most beautiful girl inside and out.”

Mimii remarks: “This is the thing with men, they just get excited over a new shiny toy.” Matilda says of Sean: “The way he’s gone about it tonight has pushed me even further from how I feel about him right now…”

But as the girls’ chat gets interrupted by both Sean and Wil looking to make amends with their respective couples, how will Matilda and Uma react? Can the two couples get back on track?

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The next day, Emma and Grace have a change of heart and it sees the end of their current relationships. Konnor seeks some answers from Emma about their relationship and if she’s happy with the direction of how things are going.

Konnor starts by saying: “I don’t know if I overthink things, but sometimes I feel like I’ll come over and I’ll see what you’re doing but sometimes I feel like maybe you don’t come over and see where I am…” Emma answers: “You’re right, probably I’m not being the same way back, I don’t know… I probably am just being a bit of a slow burner with it.”

Having had time to think about the situation, later that evening Emma sits down on the daybeds with Grace and Matilda to confide in them about how she’s feeling. Emma reveals: “I feel like I’ve given it a go with Konnor now.. don’t get me wrong the chats are so nice, he’s a lovely person, we are never short of anything to talk about ever but the spark isn’t there. There’s no sexual chemistry, I don’t wanna kiss him, I’m not finding myself gravitating towards him.”

Grace is quick to admit she feels the same in her current couple with Blade: “We had that initial spark but I don’t feel like there is that proper flirty banter where I’m a bit nervous and excited and I’ve got butterflies.” Discussing next steps, Grace adds: “Obviously we’ve got that respect for them so we need to have a chat with them.”

Love Island 2024

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Emma agrees: “I genuinely feel like I just need to do it sooner rather than later because it’s unfair.” But with both girls vying to be honest with Blade and Konnor, how will they react to the news? And how will the news affect the rest of the villa?

Later in the day, it’s time for bombshells! Whilst relaxing on the daybeds, Uma receives a text which reads: “Mimii, Jessy and Uma, it’s time to get ready as Reuben and Josh want to take you out for drinks! Please get ready to leave the villa. #FreshFacesNewPlaces #TogetherWeDate.”

Love Island 2024

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Heading out of the villa to meet the new arrivals, Mimii, Jessy and Uma take a seat with Reuben and Josh over some candlelit tapas.  As one boy reveals he’s bilingual and whips out his best Spanish ordering skills, the other makes a beeline for Mimii saying: “I feel like what you bring is exactly what I’m looking for and it’s been kind of hard for me to see what’s been going on with your situation because I know you deserve better than that.”

Confiding in the girls back at the villa post date, Uma exclaims: “Revenge is sweet! That’s exactly what I needed to remind me who I am” with Mimii agreeing: “They’re 10/10.”  But will it be enough to sway the girls’ heads? And what will this mean for the rest of the villa?

It’s also been reported today that *another* Islander has been dumped, and following this, their partner has quit the show. More of this wild story here.

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