Mozzarella sticks, Caroline Lucas and Pryzm: These are your last ‘normal’ Brighton pics

We could all really do with a post-Pryzm mozzarella stick right now

This new ‘normal’ life we’ve found ourselves living has stripped us of the best moments of uni when exams are finished and we can celebrate another year of working done. It has us scrolling through our Snapchat memories, dreaming of the days we could neck 10 tequila shots in Hobgoblin Tuesday night (just because they’re 99p) and turn up to our 9am the next day still drunk. We asked you for your last photos before all of this began, and the compilation really is bittersweet.

Last photo on the beach


We really do miss how that golden hour be hitting us. The Insta pics are suffering, someone bring out a ring light ASAP.

Last photo in Hobgoblin


Blimey, that’s a big lemon.

Last picture of Caroline Lucas

Last photo in PopWorld


Let’s be honest, it’s definitely your guilty pleasure. And the Wednesday night £1.50 Vodka mixers are unbeatable.

Last photo in spoons


Just wanna be sipping on a huge pitcher with a 3 for £10 selection of food. Nothing quite beats the feeling of triumph after finding a free table in the Post & Telegraph.

Last gym sesh


If one positive thing has come out of lockdown, it’s the fact we don’t have to force ourselves into the gym anymore.

Last photo with club promoter merch

There’s a hole in our hearts which can only be filled with the presence of a club promoter.

Last shift in Falmer Bar


Possibly the most heartbreaking of them all. Nothing else needs to be said.

Last photo with your society


Did Somebody Call 999? Yep, because socials just don’t bang the same on Zoom.

Last photo studying in the library


One of those love-hate relationships you only realise you truly loved once it’s gone. It’s nice to have the option, you know?

Last photo from pres


Life isn’t the same without holding your girl’s hair back once she’s taken it too far. Again.

Last photo of a mozzarella stick

Always leaving the club early to dig into this absolute beauty. No judgements here, please.

Last photo of a house party


You know it’s gonna be a wild night when seasonings start coming out of the kitchen cupboard.

Last photo of the bus


Bus journeys to uni seem a lifetime ago, and journeys to clubs seem even longer. Bus drivers are probably glad to see the back of our drunk screaming for a while, though.

It’s safe to say life probably won’t be the same for long time, and we will need to get used to this new ‘normal’. So for now, let’s live vicariously through these memories and remember never to take Wednesdays at Pryzm for granted ever again.