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Grab a VK and VOTE: Which is the best nightclub in Brighton?

It’s time to use your lockdown time wisely.

The Brighton nightlife is what draws the majority of students in. The late nights that go on until 5 in the morning, the student deals on drinks and club entry is something which us students can appreciate.

But what is it that makes Brighton different, you ask? Well, it’s the clubs. They’re so spectacular and different in their own way, they all have that little sprinkle of je ne sais quoi. Students cannot keep themselves away from the Brighton sesh. But what we really want to know is which Brighton club you think is the best of them all!

Vote in our snazzy poll below to award the prestigious title of ‘Brighton’s best club’ to your favourite boozy establishment.

Photo credited to CU Next Tuesday at The Arch & Rox Promotions