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A search has been launched on Brighton seafront after a woman got swept into the sea

The incident is being treated as ‘unexplained but not suspicious’

On Sunday 16th of February, emergency services began searching for a woman on Brighton seafront.

The woman is believed to be in her 20s and was reportedly swept out to sea in the early hours of this morning.

She was last seen in the water at around 2:45 am this morning. It is unknown when she first went into the sea.

The coastguard conducted a three-hour helicopter search of the waters overnight in 'storm force 10' conditions as a result of Storm Dennis, which has sparked amber and yellow weather warnings for rain across the UK.

A spokesperson from the Sussex police said: "The alarm was raised by members of the public at about 2.45am after a woman was seen in the water.

"She has not yet been located and the Coastguard are preparing to recommence their search shortly."

The incident is being treated as 'unexplained but not suspicious'.

No one has been recovered as of yet, and the search continues into today.

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