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The 2019 Sussex Festival headliner has been announced

Setting sail this September

The famous night which kicks off Sussex Freshers Week is back, and yet again brings a famous face to headline on Sussex Campus. We've seen the likes of Wilkinson and CamelPhat, but your 2019 headliner is DJ Queen, Annie Mac.

Annie Mac, most famous for being the eponymous host of BBC Radio 1's Friday evenings which 'kick starts your weekend', will be taking the main stage at the Freshers Festival.

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The Student Union have yet again pulled out all the stops to host this year's welcome festival to entertain both Freshers and current Sussex students which will take place on Sunday 22nd September.

Pre Party

As tradition goes, the 'Welcome Sunday' Festival warm up party will take place at Northfield Bar.

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Channelling true 'Treasure Island' vibes, drinks deals on rum and tequila will be running all night long, and will also include a Pre-Festival warm up act from one of Sussex's resident DJ's.

The Main Event

Back and bigger and better than ever, the Headline Freshers event promises 3 epic stages and will kick off at 7pm, showcasing the best bands and DJ's from Brighton and Beyond.

As well as the main stage, the event will also feature the URF-run Pirate Radio Stage and the Paradise Cove stage which will showcase live indie, soul, electronic and alternative music.

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So grab your fishnets, cover yourself in sea shells and dust off your pirate hats for an unforgettable night under the sea.

Tickets can be bought individually for £20 or can be purchased as part of the Fresher's Week Golden Ticket bundle. Alternatively, you can buy tickets at the SU's Welcome Hub in Library square throughout the week.

For more information, check out the Student Union Website.