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The best drunk food spots in Brighton

May you never have a soggy chip again

There's a club for everyone in Brighton – but at the end of the night, this wonderful city must accommodate the thousands of intoxicated students who want one thing and one thing only: some tasty nosh.

Here are some of the best places to satisfy your 4am cheesy chip cravings (just try to avoid the seagulls).

Buddies Fish and Chips

I won't lie, Buddies has a special place in my heart, as the first food outlet I visited in Brighton as a young, hopeful fresher. A classic full stop to a fabulous night on the town, signifying a comforting end to your evening – in the form of a big, steaming box of chips, or maybe a battered sausage.

A traditional seaside outlet, Buddies overlooks the beach, where you can rejoice or cry over the night's events as you munch away, sandwiched between the crashing waves and your favourite clubs.

Albion Kebabs

Named after Brighton's very own football club, Albion Kebabs is open til late to serve an array of your classic drunk foods, including the cheesiest chips that have ever graced my stomach.

Ideally located on Queens Road, this place is great for catching the last train home. However, after endless hours of bopping, the late night, uphill climb is a challenge and a half, only to be completed by the most dedicated of chip experts.

It does have its own rendition of Ghostbusters on the front page of their website though. Points for creativity.

The Hope & Ruin

Reminiscent of Budapest's traditional ruins pubs, this place is a go-to for some hearty grub so soak up the night's alcohol. The fully vegan menu (run by Beelzebab) boasts kebabs, hot dogs and loaded fries that will satisfy omnivores and carnivores alike.

Not exactly the place to conclude a full night of partying (it closes at 12 pm), but perfect after a few drinks in town (or for lining your stomach for the night ahead).

It's also dog friendly!

Market Diner

Open 24 hours, this little gem is only 5 minutes from Old Steine, welcoming you with an outstandingly diverse menu. Seriously, this place doesn't stop at the humble kebab: full English breakfasts, enchiladas, pizzas and gyoza are just a few of the dishes available to satisfy your hunger.

It is also home to the 'gut buster' breakfast (egg, bacon, sausage, burger, black pudding, mushrooms, tomatoes and chips). Maybe not what you want just after a night out, but a solid hangover cure. They also deliver!

Seaside Kebabs

Another fantastic greasy food outlet, Seaside Kebabs will satisfy your drunken cravings with its choice of burgers. kebabs, and (of course) chips. Veggies and vegans can feel safe here with a meat-free section, offering a plethora of delights such as falafel and hummus.

The queue is sometimes out the door, but in Seaside Kebabs, a friend in the queue is a friend for life. Time flies quickly, and before you know it, you'll be cradling a steaming polystyrene tub of reasonably-priced nosh. Lovely.

Buddies 24 Hour Restaurant

When I first heard about Buddies Restaurant, the neighbour of Buddies Fish & Chips, I thought it was too good to be true. Is it actually open 24/7? Are there really dashing servers ready to cater to your every need? Can you crawl out of Coalition at 3 am on a Tuesday and scoff a beautifully-presented lasagne? Yes to all.

Buddies' menu boasts an extensive range of cuisine, from pizza to pasta to pulled pork sandwiches, all neatly listed and laminated for your convenience. What more could your intoxicated heart desire?

The sit-down experience is far superior to devouring your meal on the way to the bus stop, or in the taxi as you try not to get garlic mayo on the seats. The ambience is far more sophisticated that that. There's even fairy lights.

They do ask that you pay the bill before you eat, but as they mainly cater to drunken students between the hours of 2 and 6am, I don't blame them.