Overheard at Sussex vs Brighton Varsity

Here’s what the supporters had to say

Last term we tossed our headphones aside to compile a list of some of the weird and wonderful things overheard on Sussex campus. From general spectator chatter to chants, we kept an ear out yet again this weekend to bring you the best of what we overheard at Sussex vs Brighton Varsity.


‘Okay, I’ve decided I don’t like any sports.’

‘Look at Adam Tickell’s nose.’

‘If we stand up there I can point to which players I matched with on Tinder.’

‘Is lacrosse the posh basket-y hockey game they play in Wild Child?

*Brighton throws flare* ‘Well that was a bit of a BTEC throw.’

‘She got tackled but couldn’t handle it so they’ve got the medical team on.’

‘Don’t you think a lacrosse stick looks like a cricket cock cap on a stick?’

‘Look at my nips! Look how cold I am. No seriously, look at my nips.’


‘Sussex girls get AAB, Brighton girls get STDs’

‘Give me a D, give me a D, give me an E, where do you go? Brighton! Give me a D, Give me an E, Give me an F, where do you go? Brighton!’

‘Your dad works for my dad’

‘Sussex girls take it up the arse, Brighton girls are fucking class’

‘You guys can’t spell, you go to Brighton’

‘We go somewhere you don’t go, Uni uni, we go somewhere you don’t go, university.’