Kate Tyrer
Deputy Editor for The Tab Sussex

University of Sussex makes Ecosia its default search engine

Ecosia turns your internet searches into trees

Brighton student took her own life two days after taking Xanax and Ketamine

Police were called after she had an ‘out of character rage’ whilst on Xanax

Sussex University boosts local economy by £343m a year, says report

The university also supports 5,180 jobs

Here are the best Sussex in the snow photos as submitted by you

You sent us your snowy snaps

‘I don’t think the strikes will work’: Sussex VC Adam Tickell talks to The Tab Sussex about upcoming UCU action

Good luck trying to get money back for your missed hours

Group work is fundamentally the worst thing about uni

Please don’t ruin my degree

There will be no water on campus today and tomorrow

Water you gonna do?

How to be a good friend to someone with a disability

Support can make a huge difference

The Gym on London Road is closing for ten days

It closes at 8am tomorrow

Queues spill on to the street as Oliver’s Brighton has its grand opening

Oliver cut the ribbon this morning

We got an exclusive look at Brighton’s new Wizarding shop

Brighton’s answer to Diagon Alley

If you think there’s a better supermarket than Aldi, you’re wrong

The champion of discount supermarkets

Just a list of all the best vintage shops in Brighton

Where to get your wavy garms

All the things you need to do when you move into your student house

Don’t get mugged off like we did

Brighton seafront evacuated following bomb scare

An anonymous tip-off was received at 4:30pm

Vote for who was the best dressed at Pride

Drag queens, gaudy tees, and plenty of glitter

Timetables for 17/18 are out now

9am on a Thursday? No Pryzm for you…

Jeremy Corbyn is coming Brighton this Friday

He’ll be speaking at Unison’s conference

Keep calm, a pop up Pug Cafe is coming to Brighton

Puguccinos are on the house

What’s on in Brighton this June

Say goodbye to exams and hello to the start of summer