Things we have genuinely overheard on campus at Sussex

You guys are weird

For the past week, we tossed aside our headphones and decided to listen to the world around us. Needless to say, the world is a strange place and there is no wonder we escape to an audio refuge to block out everyone else. Here are the best things we genuinely overheard on campus at Sussex.

Library Square

“What the fuck is theoretical aspect of social change?”

“If I got thrown out of a plane, that would be peak”

“‘ave you got the pills for tonight?”

“Can I still take ket on a juice cleanse?”

“Fuck the SU”

N25 Bus


“What material can you not have with caviar?”

“I can go home, or chat about socialism for two hours. I’m just gonna go home”

“Ugh, I just love candles”

“He dived out the bed for oxygen”

“I could take on a bouncer”

“I’m not satisfied with the word, power”

“I didn’t know buses could reverse”

“What do you wanna do? I want to feel the carpets in Carpet Right!”



“I’m gonna drink the shit out of this coffee”

“I told my nan about Google Docs and she lost her shit”

“My arse hurts”

“Did you pick up those pills?”

“*on phone* I’m working, go away. I’m gonna piss people off call me later”

General chat around Sussex

“Fuck Sussex”

“Back home I found a ladder in my garden which isn’t even mine”

“I fucking hate seagulls”

“I punched a bus driver last night cause he almost ran me over”