We asked students why they attended the National Demo

“Because we don’t deserve this.”

Yesterday saw students from all over the UK attend the National Demo in protest of the new Higher Education bill, which may lead to the increase of tuition fees and privatise further education. We took to the streets of central London to ask why protesters were demonstrating.

 Adam, 21, Queen Mary University of London 


Students should not be paying more fees, they shouldn’t be paying fees at all. The TEFwill systematically destroy the education sector in this country. We need to stand up against it.

Ollie, 21 and Tallulah, 20, Goldsmiths, University of London and London South Bank University


We’re here to fight back cuts to education and stand up for ethnic minorities.

Elliot and Emma, 20, University of Leeds


Tuition fees are going up maintenance grants are being slashed meaning poorer students are going to leave uni with the worst amount of debts. We need to stop this.

Akiv, Hamza, 17, and Muzz, 24, Bradford College


To support education and stop the cuts.

MK, 21, King’s College London


I’m here because I can barely afford education now, and already I work another job. I think it’s bullshit- education should be available to everyone. The more people we educate, the stronger our economy is going to be.

Bibi, 19 and Asha, 20, University of Sussexvp1

Because we didn’t ask for this.