There was a mushroom growing in the girl’s toilets at Guildford’s Casino

Casino have even released a statement about the fungi

Guildford has been branded as a tragic town to go clubbing in on a number of occasions. The latest saga to unfold is the discovery of a mushroom in the girl’s loos on Saturday night in the ever popular Casino club.

Jodie Booker, who spotted the fungi, was in Casino on Saturday night and spotted the growing organism. Jodie said: “When I saw the mushroom I had to get a picture as my friends didn’t believe me!”

The morning after, Jodie shared the photo on Casino’s Facebook page with the caption “Is this the nighclub’s pet mushroom? I wouldn’t be surprised if I caught a disease from your toilet”.

In 24 hours the post managed to rack up 300 shares, 975 likes and over 500 comments.

Hundreds of people have now taken to the comments to discuss hygiene of the club toilets.

Some commenters couldn’t wait to post their best mushroom jokes, much to everyone’s amusement.

Jay has his Halloween costume sorted

There’s not mushroom for your puns here Jake

While many are tagging their friends in comments for a laugh, others are using this as an opportunity to complain about problems they have with the club, like their broken toilet door locks.

The club have since responded to Jodie in a private message saying “the toilets are being gutted and a deep clean is going on” as well as confirming to us that it has been removed and the toilets have been cleaned.

A spokesperson for Casino has said: “There are no excuses for the photo of our bathroom floating around.

“This totally fails to comply with the high standards that our customers should expect from our venue.

“We would like to sincerely apologise to our customers for this oversight.

“Please know that as soon as we were made aware we contacted our cleaning team who have since cleaned the area thoroughly, twice over.

“We have also booked in a specialist deep cleaning team who will give all our bathrooms a thorough going over ahead of when we next open.

“We are also discussing procedures to make sure an oversight like this never happens again.”