VOTE: What’s the worst song guaranteed to be played at Pryzm?

That Beatles/Oasis mashup is pretty horrific

A bottle of Sainsbury’s vodka, mixed with whatever you have lying around and you’re on your way to PRYZM. You think this time it will be fun but in the back of your mind you know it will suck; confirmed as you walk past some twats dressed as fairies who will later obnoxiously push their way to the front of the bar. The club is only made worse by the suspicious mix of songs, which will only get you pumped if you’ve had several pints and several shots to boot.


So, which tune is officially the worst song on the Pryzm playlist? Vote now.

This Oasis/Beatles based disaster

This is a mashup of The Beatles’ ‘Let it be’, and Oasis’ ‘Don’t look back in anger’ and it’s guaranteed to well and truly anger any student. Considering that the intro to the Oasis song is very similar to John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ this just makes it so incestuous, and this remix does justice to neither one song nor the other.

Saturday Night

It’s definitely a mixture of the quack sound, the crappy bass line and the repeated lyrics that contribute most to the annoying-factor, however , you can’t help but be intrigued by the word she sings at the beginning (‘dee-dee-dum-da-dum’). You’d think that being a native speaker of the English language you’d know most words but apparently not; could an international student possibly help out here?

Since U Been Gone (now with added Blur)

Blur’s ‘Song 2’ barely has a second of  its into before Kelly Clarkson interrupts with her whiney voice, absolutely butchering their classic hit. People seem to go nuts for this tune, they shouldn’t, it’s shit.

Eat Sleep Rave Repeat

The tune at the beginning is definitely an irritant, and you are out of luck if you think it changes; it varies very slightly (so still shit) and the lyrics are just as awful. As if the intro of the song wasn’t bad enough with the singer narrating some ear bleeding bullshit story about fuck knows what, he then limits his vocabulary to 4 words for the remainder of the song. Pure cringe.