Guide to freshers week in Brighton

How to get the best bang for your buck in Btown

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the range of clubs and nights out in Brighton, especially in your first week.

From FOMO to Epik, here’s how you should spend your first week at Sussex.

Monday – Fat Poppadaddy’s at the Haunt

fat poppa 2

If you’re from somewhere like Croydon, Essex or Kent then you probably think that clubbing means weird chart songs blurred over with a mess of pumping bass or at best “house” music that your mate’s mate Gaz thinks is “banging”.

The Haunt on a Monday is a love letter to all the people of the world who “Don’t like clubbing”, you’ll hear such classics as “Riptide” by Vance Joy, “This Charming Man” by the Smiths and the perennial classic “Hey Ya!” By Outkast.

It’s also a great place for drunken smoking area chats like “What are you studying?”, “History”, “Cool” as pretty much everyone there is a Sussex student.

Lastly if that isn’t enough to sell you on the Haunt, you can get five Jaegerbombs for £5. You’re welcome.

Tuesday – Donuts at Green Door Store

donuts 1 - Copy

Green Door Store isn’t exactly a club, but it’s probably your best bet for something to do that doesn’t involve sobriety on a Tuesday.

Donuts at Green Door Store is a buffet of hip-hop, soul, funk and maybe a little grime if they are feeling risqué.

The main attraction to Green Door Store is the fact that there is never a price for entry and if you’re lucky you might get to put something sticky and glazed into you to soak up all the cheap cider.

The downside is that the price of the drinks screams “classy”, whereas the venue itself…doesn’t.

Thankfully, Green Door Store is located on Station Road so there are plenty of off licences nearby for necking a couple of tins before you enter.

 Wednesday – Epik at Pryzm


Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Wednesday night at Pryzm (The Club Formerly Known as Oceana) is the definitive Brighton night out.

With a variety of rooms playing EDM, hip-hop, House and Retro Disco classics the place is simply huge.

It’s also the end point for the sports socials from both universities, so it’s on the vomit slicked flashing floor of the Disco room that the varsity battle is really decided.

Assemble the Squad, Get the Girls together and enjoy tossing down two Long Island Iced Teas for £6.25 (Pure alcohol ladies and gents, pure alcohol). Try not to fight the bouncers though eh?

Thursday – FOMO at Revengestock-footage-looping-gay-pride-flag-motion-design

Revenge is Brighton’s leading LGBT+ clubbing venue, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that FOMO is anything other than a classic student night for all sexualities to enjoy.

They advertise £1 drinks, which usually run out quick, but Revenge is undeniably a cheap night.

You’ve got two floors of rooms with the base featuring pop classics and the best from contemporary superstars (you’ll hear more of Taylor Swift’s latest album here than on any streaming service) and the second level being heavier.

There’s also a hug cage to dance in,  so you can imagine the fun that ensues as everyone tries to wriggle into that. Revenge also has the coolest smoking area out of any Brighton club with a rooftop view of the entire city, well worth a visit.

Friday – Guest DJ’s at Patterns

Patterns is so edgy that you’ll cut yourself on the way in, or at least it thinks so.

The sleek modern décor of the upstairs bar and the print copy issues of VICE magazine tossed tastefully around the tables do their best to hide the fact that lurking below this monument to gentrification is a dingy basement with a monster sound system.

Entry costs can be slightly steep (entry tends to be in the £6 to £8 range) but if you want to hear someone who actually knows how to make good electronic music then Patterns won’t disappoint.

For a big Friday out that avoids the Hen and Stag nights plaguing other Brighton venues you can’t do better than Patterns, just be prepared to mark it down as a special treat than somewhere to hit up every week and your wallet will thank you.